WordCamp Gold Coast



After attending WordCamp Melbourne in February, a group of us spoke with
John Ferlito and the organisers of WordCamp Melbourne to get advice on
organising a *sub committee for WordCamp Gold Coast*.

We would like to run WordCamp Gold Coast on the first weekend of November
this year and would like to be run this event as a Linux Australia event.

John has asked that I follow up this email with a draft budget to to
council at linux.org.au. Please find the *draft budget attached.*

Please let me know if I can provided any further information

The people that would be official organisers/sub committee are as follows:

Brent Shepherd brent.e.shepherd at gmail.com (also on WordCamp Melbourne
Dion Hulse dd32 at dd32.id.au
Bronson Quick bronson at sennza.com.au
Lachlan MacPherson lachlan at sennza.com.au (myself)

The official website will be: http://2011.goldcoast.wordcamp.org/ and is in
accordance with the WordCamp foundation.

The official email will be goldcoast at wordcamp.org which is forward to this
email adress.

Lachlan MacPherson
WordCamp Gold Coast
07 3040 1545
0421 850 872

Lachlan MacPherson
Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Thursday, 12 May 2011
WordCamp Gold Goast