This page lists the grant requests that have been approved. You can view any of them for more details on the request. The grants process is outlined on the grants scheme page.

Title Support Approved Granteesort icon
Open Source Developers' Conference In-kind Open Source Developers' Conference
Joomladay Melbourne 2013 Sub-committee Pete Nurse
GPL3 Summit Support AU$ 2,000 Pia Waugh
Development of PHP Educational Course AU$ 900 Robyn Manning
Sydney Education Expo Stand AU$ 2,800 Shridhar Dhanalapan
Venue hire for Foundations of Open Media Software AU$ 950 Silvia Pfeiffer
Travel Costs for Holger Levsen to FOMS AU$ 2,000 Silvia Pfeiffer
BarCamp Gold Coast AU$ 200 Steve Dalton
Gold Coast TechSpace Teaching and Learning Laboratory AU$ 2,000 Steve Dalton
PyCon Au 2010 Sub-committee Tim Ansell