Linux Australia has a few sub-committees that consist of enthusiastic individuals from the community who share a common passion.

Check out what the various committees below are up to, and even get involved if one tickles your fancy :) Or start your own after reading through the sub-committee policy.

If a group wants to start a subcommittee, they can write to the LA council with the proposed subcommittee name, members of the team, purpose, expected duration, any funding requirements and methods of engaging with the broader community.

The committees are expected to read and agree to the sub-committee policy.

Sub-committees are considered to be official part of the LA structure and can as such speak on behalf of LA in the context of their particular project.

Retired subcommittee

The Melbourne Wordcamp Team

James Collins
Brent Shepherd
Anthony Cole

James Collins
Retired subcommittee

The purpose of the subcommittee is to co-ordinate and organise WordCamp Melbourne, planned, at this stage for early in February 2013. The purpose of WordCamp, with this event, as with its predecessors is to promote and extend the use of WordPress, and to foster collaboration, connection and contribution among WordPress users in Australia, and to some extent, New Zealand.

Dee Teal - Lead Organiser - Co-Signatory
Aaron Rutley - Organiser - Co-Signatory
Tracey Kemp - Treasurer
Anthony Hortin - Member
Peter Wilson - Member
WordCamp Melbourne 2013
Retired subcommittee

Wordcamp is a conference for WordPress enthusiasts, designers, developers, or anyone who enjoys using wordpress for business or pleasure.

Tracey Kemp
Denise Teal
WordCamp Sydney 2012
Subcommittee awaiting approval

A day­ long summit on Drupal in the public sector in Australia, including universities and other quasi-­government & non­-government organisations.

Chair: Adam Malone
Treasurer: Josh Li
No report published.
Subcommittee awaiting approval

To run

Site Team:
- Wil Brown (Site Chair)
- Kristen Symonds (Treasurer & Bank Account Manager)
- Nicole Commander
- Peter Shilling (Bank Account Manager)

Community Members:
- Dee Teal
- Peter Bui
No report published.