Bids Open For 2009 Host City

If you have dreams of hosting the best Linux conference on the planet it's time to start turning those dreams into a cunning plan.

Yes folks, it's time to start sharpening those pencils and preparing bids for 2009. After a fantastic LCA2007 in Sydney and in anticipation of an equally auspicious LCA2008 in Melbourne, I'm really looking forward to seeing what proposals pop out of the woodwork for 2009.

Prior to the LCA2008 decision the bid timetable involved submissions before the previous conference; an announcement at the close of the previous conference; and then 12 months of organisation leading up to the event. We deviated from that rather dramatically with the 2008 schedule and ran everything much earlier, with a public announcement a full 18 months in advance: 6 months before LCA2007.

That was both good and bad. On one hand it provided the Melbourne team an unprecedented lead time in which to make plans for their event, but on the other hand it diverted attention from the then-upcoming LCA2007 and resulted in some confusion as to exactly where the next conference was going to be held. And on the gripping hand it was a worthwhile exercise in terms of learning what works and what doesn't so we can fine-tune the process in future.

So this year we're tweaking the bid schedule again and returning to something closer to the old timetable, but with just a little extra heads-up warning to the winning team so they have time to arrange some "we won!" theatrics:

* Start work on bids: now!
* Bid submission deadline: by Friday, September 26th.
* Bid assessment / discussion: until Friday, November 30th.

The decision will then be made and the teams confidentially notified of the outcome soon afterwards for a public announcement at LCA2008.

So get cracking, and if you're planning a bid and haven't read the LCA HowTo yet then I strongly encourage you to do so:

Questions / comments etc can be sent confidentially to the Committee: