AdaCamp Melbourne


This is a grant request per

I would like to apply for a Linux Australia grant on behalf of the Ada Initiative in order to partially cover costs for our event AdaCamp, planned for January 14 in Melbourne just before LCA. I request a grant to support AdaCamp at either the $500 or $1000 level as outlined in the attached sponsorship prospectus.

AdaCamp is a one-day summit/unconference about increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture with a regional focus on Australia. AdaCamp will bring women together to build community, discuss issues women have in common across open technology and culture fields, and find ways to address them. In particular, we hope to find out what common responses and resources are needed and how the Ada Initiative can contribute to them.

(If any women reading are interested in *attending* AdaCamp, please see ).

In terms of grant conditions:

Be for the good of a project that relates to Linux or Open Source: this project is intended to build community among and resources for women in open technology and culture, which benefits Open Source and similar communities.

Have some tangible result: the event being run is clearly a tangible result. In addition, we will report on the outcomes of the camp both on our blog and at the Haecksen miniconf a couple of days later.

Be submitted to linux-aus at this mail fulfills this condition.

Must have specified milestones, and attempt to meet them: the major milestone is the holding of the event. An earlier milestones is: completing bookings and opening registrations, end of November.

Have open documentation procedures if possible: resources developed as a result of the event will be Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike

Must credit LA with sponsorship on their website, with an appropriate link: as per the attached prospectus LA will receive at least this level of recognition.

-Mary level of recognition. -Mary



Mary Gardiner
AU$ 1,000
Tuesday, 8 November 2011
Tuesday, 15 November 2011
The Ada Initiative