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CALU 1999

It happened!

People came, they saw, they conquered ... Pizza. (with apologies to John "maddog" Hall). Australia's first ever national Linux conference has drawn to a close and well over two hundred Linux devotees from around Australia and the world have congregated, socialised, fraternised, lectured, listened, asked, answered and shared with their peers ... and munched through (literally) carloads of Pizza.

Monash University in Victoria hosted CALU-99, the Conference of Australian Linux Users for three days: 9-11 July, 1999. Attendees ranged from young to not so young; from the far flung reaches of western Australia to those living minute from campus; from those who are new to Linux to those who've made significant contributions to it already.

The speakers and their papers

CALU-99 had an excellent range of speakers and papers presented. Those that attended CALU-99 received a copy of the papers on CDROM. Never fear, if you don't have a copy, we've published the contents of the CALU CDROM.

Audio highlights

Dan Paterson wandered the event with a microphone and managed to capture some audio bites for your enjoyment.
John "maddog" Hall tests the audio system prior to addressing the crowd. He then delivers his keynote address available here embodied by Keynote Address part 1, then Keynote Address part 2. There is a small section of a few seconds missing in the middle. oops. That's our fault, not maddog's.

The "Something Warm and Fuzzy" talk, also by maddog, part 1 and part 2

Final comments from various people on the conference.

Fellows of the Organising Committee: Paul "Rusty" Russell (LinuxSA)
Nathan Bailey (Linux Users of Victoria)
Terry Dawson (Linux Australia)
Speakers: Sirtaj Singh Kang (KDE project)
Federico Quintero (Gnome project)
Andrew Tridgell (Samba/rsync)
raster (Enlightenment)
Sponsors: Cyclades/TPC
Tique Bennett of NetCraft
Oracle, our last sponsor, dissappeared and our reporter-on-the-scene had to go before he could extract a snippet.

Streaming Audio

All of the audio segments listed are available in a big loop via streaming mp3 at if you're using the IceCast streaming client.

Photographic highlights

Linux Users of Victoria had a digital camera roving and you can find their collection of annotated photographs at their web site.

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