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Linux Conferences cater for a diverse range of people. There are tutorials covering topics ranging from the Linux kernel, PHP and using Linux with HAM radio. Because of this wide focus, though some topics of special interest to community members are not able to be covered to their full extent. Mini-Conferences give sections of the Linux community up to two days to focus specifically on their area of expertise enabling smaller sections of the community to get together and share their knowledge and network with each other.

Mini-Conferences are held over the two days prior to the main conference. Anyone attending 2006 may attend any or all of the Mini-Conferences just by turning up.

If you would like to meet with like-minded people at 2006 but there isn't a Mini-Conference for you, you might like to have a BOF session instead.

2006 Miniconfs are

Debian Miniconf The Debian Miniconf has become one of the most popular Debian-specific events in the Southern hemisphere, attracting high-calibre speakers a nd Debian developers from all over the world. It was the first miniconf ever run at LCA and has been a powerful drawcard ever since. While it's aimed primarily at Debian developers, any LCA attendees with an interest in Debian are welcome to come along.
Education Miniconf The 2006 Education Mini-conference will expand on last year's themes as well as explore new areas being driven by the growing use of Open Source software in K-12 schools around the world. New areas of focus for this conference include Open Source curriculum and opportunities for international cooperation. -- Open minds deserve Open Source!
Embedded Miniconf After the success of the Embedded/Handheld Miniconf at LCA 2005 we are happy to announce that the 2006 LCA will also be hosting the Miniconf. The format will be a reasonably informal one day event, see the wiki for details. Miniconf is a casual get together for GNOME lovers to meet with their favourite hackers and discuss all things GNOMEy. The day will com prise of talks from GNOME hackers and contributors as well as possible freeform sessions. Anyone interested in Linux on the desktop (including K DE users) should come along and check it out; it'll be rad.
Linux Digital Arts Miniconf For developers of software used to make art, and the artists who use that software. The focus is technical and media-centric, but not restricted just to audio and video topics. Miniconf Presentations, case studies and tutorials will follow two major themes - User and Community, and Development.
We expect this second Miniconf to be an interesting two days as speakers showcase the latest version of and the implementation of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) OASIS Standard.
Open Source Developers Workshop Open Source Desktop Workshops are educational events that bring top-flight Open Source desktop developers together with those who are lookin g to gain the skills necessary to join them. They help software developers gain the knowledge and know-how necessary to write quality software u sing these technologies. Experienced developers will guide you through the basics of software development with Open Source desktop technologies over the course of two information packed days.
Sysadmin Miniconf The Systems Administration Miniconf will focus on tips, tricks, tools, and best practices used to manage real-world Linux environments both large and small. Attendees of this Miniconf will improve their ability to manage their Linux systems environment both now and in the future.

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