The embedded mini-conference is kicking off with a call for participation. The emphasis this year is on showing the number of embedded Linux systems that exist in, mainly Australia but the rest of the world as well. Systems such as sonar systems, vehicle tracking systems, gaming machines, phones etc....

So if you have something you want to show, talk and even brag about, or something you've done with embedded Linux then the LCA-2007 embedded mini conference is the place to be.

There are no more slots available for a 45 minute talk but this year there is going to be a "show and tell" session. If you have a system that you want to show off but don't want to present a paper then bring it along. I am looking for industrial control systems just as much as phones and gaming systems. This session is pretty much open ended.

The "show and tell" sessions can be as simple as a 10-15 minute chat on what it does and why I chose embedded Linux to run it or just leave it in view for discussion.

So let's start producing a list of systems that use embedded Linux and show just how pervasive Linux is in the embedded world.

Contact Mark Phillips for any queries.

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