Linux Expert to work on autonomous mobile target robots at Marathon Targets in Sydney

Marathon Targets ( is a leading provider of
autonomous robotic target systems to military forces around the globe. This
exciting role offers a rare opportunity to be part of a small, dynamic R&D
team, within an innovative and growing company, working on the next generation
of target robots.

The role consists of two parts:
- An in-house support role: supporting internal software development and IT
infrastructure, and
- A development role: improving production systems that are shipped to

Support responsibilities include:
- maintaining IT services:
- distributed compilation (distcc) servers
- automated testing systems (CDash/CTest)
- subversion
- test systems (basestations/robots) that mirror production systems
- backup systems
- selecting, purchasing, and installing rack-mount server hardware,
switches, KVMs, etc
- networking infrastructure
- DHCP/dnsmasq
- network security
- general sysadmin responsibilities

Development responsibilities include:
- Managing and optimising installation of production systems:
- managing an in-house Debian mirror to control package versioning
- installing operating systems on basestations, user-interface computers,
and robots, and coming up with ideas to streamline/automate the process
- installing and troubleshooting wireless networks at customer sites in
Australia and internationally
- Linux hacking:
- general OS improvements such as locking down permissions on production
systems, reducing boot-time, managing disk usage, etc.
- ensuring Linux support for hardware devices, potentially involving kernel
modifications and compilation
- experience in writing hardware drivers is an advantage
- Scripting:
- Maintaining scripts to enforce uniformity of configuration between systems
(currently done in python)
- Develop scripts to automate common tasks such as reassignment of robots
between sites, steps to install robots at new sites, common customer
operations such as managing multiple configuration sets, etc.
- System testing:
- improving the extent to which testing can be automated, and improvements
to general system operation
- Ensuring compliance with US Information Assurance security regulations

To give an idea of the amount of IT infrastructure, we are a
team of about a dozen people. All our production systems and software
development environments are Linux-based. Our robots all run a
cut-down Debian installation plus custom software on an embedded

We are looking for someone who can bring creativity, enthusiasm,
and initiative to the role. The position is well suited to someone
with an inquisitive mind who will find ways to get things working.
Prior scripting experience plus experience with software development
or in a software development environment is a must.

In order to increase your chances of being short-listed, please
submit with your application:
- a description of how your skills fit the position description above, and
- a script that you have written

The position is located in Marrickville, Sydney.

To apply, please email