Linux Systems Administrator for Hotmath, Inc.

This position is part-time and may be filled remotely (we are a U.S. company, our main service is

This is a key role in our server engineering team. You'll be responsible for keeping our existing systems (at always available and work with us towards scaling our solution as the business continues to grow.

We are looking for someone to provide innovative solutions to scale and build rock-solid infrastructure for reliable product operations. Performance analysis and tuning will also be a significant responsibility. You should be able to step back and look at a problem in different light to identify an approach that improves performance.

We need to an experienced (5+ years) Linux (RH) system administrator and DBA (MySQL) with a proven track record. Must understand different methods of scaling including clustering, horizontal and vertical scaling. Knowledge of the following: Java, Tomcat, Apache, mod_jk, mod_proxy, Linux is required.

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Chuck Grant