Software Developers for Australia's Fastest Growing Website is the largest Australian run website in terms of global traffic, and is growing at an exponential rate. We are looking to build a highly dynamic and motivated team.

We are looking for recent graduates or graduates with a few years experience in computer science (or related field) who are highly motivated, intelligent, welcome responsibility and love to tackle difficult problems. Either you must have relevant commercial experience or are a recent graduate with strong academic results.

We are looking for:
* Front end developers with skills in HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP
* Back end developers with skills in PHP/MySQL/Linux
* Talented graduates with a strong academic results, good programming skills, and who have a strong understanding of core computer science knowledge

* Tertiary Degree in Computer Science/Engineering (or Related)

This won't be your typical cog-in-the-machine type of job. You will be exposed to the fast pace of a startup at the grass roots by a team who have built global technology companies before.

We have a very attractive office overlooking the harbour in the Sydney CBD. We have a very vibrant and fun team atmosphere. This is a challenging and engaging workplace where you will really enjoy working.

If you are a high achiever with talent who is looking for something more than a boring job in corporate, doesn't need to be hand held, and wants to be in at ground zero with a company that has a shot at being one of the biggest sites on the Internet, then contact us at