Systems Coordinator - Athletics Victoria

Athletics Victoria is the state athletics body with over 100 year history of supporting athletics in Victoria. Athletics Victoria provides events for all senior athletics from grass roots athletics through state, national, and international athletics and has supported many olympic athletes including Jana Pittman, Craig Mottram, and Tamsyn Lewis. Athletics Victoria has a small core of paid staff and a large team of volunteers who contribute to all areas of the sport. All staff at Athletics Victoria have the opportunity to work closely with each of the other departments and as such need to be flexible in their approach to work, excellent team players and very self-motivated.

Athletics Victoria is looking for a mid level systems administrator to cover a wide range of support services, from day to day Windows client administration and Linux server maintenance through to advanced network topology and timing system support. The person accepting this role will need to be familiar with the maintenance duties required for running multiple and varied remote, and on-site servers with multiple server softwares in a busy enterprise environment.

Skills needed:
Windows XP, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu
LAMP Environments including remote SSH and shell scripting.
Exim4, Mail filtering and forwarding tools, Courier IMAP, Mailman
Network Management - BIND, DHCP, ADSL
Storage - SAMBA, RAID
Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 including Outlook
Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird
Adobe software knowledge a plus
Some timing equipment training will be provided.

Min 20 hours per week with on call requirements.

Location: Olympic Park, Olympic Blvd, Victoria, 3066

Applications close 30/6/2010. Contact Tudor Holton for more information. (03) 9428 8195