Systems Software Engineer @ Breakaway Consulting

We need a software engineer with systems experience to join our
growing team.

Breakaway Consulting focuses on providing high quality product and
technology development for mobile and embedded systems.

You'll be working on a range of different areas including:

* Implementing and designing kernel mode software systems
* Writing Linux device drivers
* Write Linux daemons
* System testing and validation

You will:

* have a passion for low-level systems code
* be experienced in using C
* be comfortable using a GNU based development environment
(e.g: gcc, gdb, text editor, shell, etc)
* be interested in learning new programming languages, new APIs,
and new background knowledge.
* have experience with standard software engineering tools including:
build systems, revision control, bug tracking, test frameworks.

Additionaly, it would be great if you had specific experience in any of the
following areas:

* POSIX systems programming
* ARM microprocessor development
* ARM microcontroller development
* Digital signal processing
* Computer audio
* Android
* Python
* Secure programming
* Shell-scripting
* git revision control
* Test development
* Build systems

This is a full-time role based in our Sydney office. You must be an
Australian resident, or have an appropriate visa.

For more information, or to apply please email:

In your application please include:

* a cover letter addressing your suitability against the criteria
* a resume including any relevant experience
* your academic transcript if you are a recent graduate (last 5 years)

Please only send plain-text or PDF formatted documents.