Director Hotham productions

Company Description
Hot Ham Productions
is a regionally -Victorian Alps- based production company specialising in new and exciting camera equipment,
with an innovative approach to filming, cutting edge productions.
It is a recent multiple winner of Australian cinematographers Society award for outstanding cinematography achievement based on new camera techniques.
Company has recently moved into camera development with a number of new projects already commissioned.

Position details
Streaming video driver development software engineer

Initially Linux/Android platform video driver software development
and at the conclusion of that software development moving onto the next stage of the development assuming the first stage went well.

Initially a short well paying contract based on proven experience and CV to rebuild some video software camera recording code from video recording H.264 to streaming H.264 on a specific piece of hardware with reasonable support files.

Job starts now and can be worked on where they live or they can join us in the Alps this winter or in Melbourne office.

apply by emailing a short resume of relevant experience: