DrupalGov Canberra report July/August

Planning for DrupalGov is well advanced, with the event running on August 23rd. We're looking good for sponsors, attendance, and cash flow.

Current ticket sales are at 104, with another 10 sponsor tickets claimed. Six sponsors are onboard.

Our budget is managed, and we track ticket and sponsor revenue, and costs. Variable costs are kept to a minimum, and the ticket pricing structure covers

Revenue and costs are relatively small, however currently we are on-track to return a small profit.

As for the event, we have 3 speaker tracks across the day, including the Australian Government Chief Technology Officer.

Our only hiccup has been the loss of one of our keynote speakers, who was coming from Europe, and whose travel was cancelled by his company.

The schedule and speakers are published on our website, at http://drupalact.org.au

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