DrupalSouth Wellington 2014 / DrupalSouth Melbourne 2015

Got a reminder saying the DrupalSouth report is overdue - but not sure if that's for the one that just finished, or the one that's gearing up! If it's for Wellington, then I might need to get Josh Waihi to come back and fill in the gaps.

For Melbourne next year, I'm currently exploring 2 venue options, and in very early stages of planning the sponsor prospectus. Web infrastructure stuff is in progress, and we have a broad outline for design of the conference program.

Core team is myself, Donna Benjamin, with Peter Lieverdink as treasurer and Chris Skene (organiser of DrupalGov last year) as content lead.

We'll be looking for bank accounts and xero access shortly, and hope to have venue and dates finalised in the next week or so.

Wellington - financials aren't final but are close, and the event should return a surplus. It went incredibly well with very positive feedback. I posted a bit of a round here: http://kattekrab.net/drupalsouth-wellington-2014