2009 Council Election Results

Linux Australia's annual main event, linux.conf.au took place in Hobart in January 2009.  Once again it proved to be a focal point for the global Free and Open Source Software community to come together. Users and Developers hacking together, sharing new ideas, building on old ones, with a good share of socialising thrown in for spice.

The schedule for linux.conf.au is full to overflowing, but two sessions are of direct relevance to Linux Australia, the organisation behind the event. The conference close, where the successful host city for linux.conf.au 2010 was announced, and the Annual General Meeting, where the membership of the new council for 2009 is revealed.

And the winner is... Wellington!

In 2010, linux.conf.au will once again head across the Tasman Sea, proving that the .au stands for Australasia. The Capital Cabal will strive and toil for the next 12 months to host what many describe as the world's best linux conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

“Wellington has a great mix of creative and technical people. It'll be great to get them together with some of the international gurus expected at LCA 2010.”, said Conference Director, Andrew Ruthven. “To have them all together and inspired by some fantastic talks at an awesome location, that's when cool things really start to happen”.

The dates are set. The conference will open with mini-confs on Monday 18 January, and conclude with an Open Day on Saturday 23 January 2010. Check out http://www.penguinsvisiting.org.nz/ for a sneak peek at the teams plans for linux.conf.au in 2010.

Stewart Smith, President of Linux Australia said "The Wellington team is dedicated, understands linux.conf.au and has a real passion to show us something really special in 2010."

2009 Linux Australia Council Election Results

Mr Smith continues in the role of President for 2009, supported by Steve Walsh as Vice President. Anthony Towns will also continue as Treasurer and Leah Duncan replaces Terry Dawson as Secretary of the organisation. The executive members of the council were all elected unopposed.  Sridhar Dhanapalan and Ben Powell join Melissa Draper on the council as ordinary members, with James Turnbull and Paul Schulz stepping down. See http://linux.org.au/About/Council

The council largely attends to the administrivia of the organisation but also decides on the location of linux.conf.au and conducts a grants programme for the Australian Free and Open Source Software community.