Firmware Engineer, LIFX Melbourne

LIFX pioneered the smart light in 2012 with the first WiFi-enabled, multi-colored LED that’s controllable via a smart device. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, LIFX is a global brand with a large R&D presence right here in Melbourne, Australia. Due to the success of our existing products and subsequent expansion plans, we are looking for an experienced Firmware Engineer to join our Melbourne R&D Team.

In this role, you will design, develop, debug, release and support Firmware for sophisticated IoT products using a Linux-based development environment.


At least 5 years of in-depth experience designing, implementing, testing and debugging complex Embedded Systems.
You have developed firmware for at least 2 different target platforms (with differing operating systems, toolchains, processor architectures).
C/C++ expert, with experience in interfacing with hardware, dealing with concurrency, modifying bootloaders.
Ability to gain technical insights from reading schematics and datasheets.
Expertise with using tools such as DSOs, Protocol Analysers, JTAG, debuggers, profilers.
Expertise with git, using a Linux-based development environment.
Effectively work with people of different technical backgrounds, some of whom will be in different timezones.
Experience with Startups, or at least a good understanding of what it might be like to work at one.

Highly Desirable:

Ruby and/or Python.
Designing, integrating, troubleshooting Communications Protocols eg. Bluetooth/BLE, 802.11, SSL/TLS.
Soldering skills.
A wider interest in Internet of Things, High Availability Systems, Android, iOS and Windows Development.

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