FOSS In Australia

There are many FOSS organisations in Australia, ranging from community-oriented user groups to companies offering professional products and services.

Here is a select list of groups in Australia. Widely regarded as one of the best Linux-oriented conferences in the world, attracts hundreds of developers and users from around the world. Whilst technically, is run by sub committee of Linux Australia, it is reformed each year by a different team in a different place. More information on bidding and running is available to those interested.

LUGs: Linux Users groups exist in most major Australian cities, and a few smaller ones too.

Open Source Developers' Club and Conference: The Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) is for developers using open source tools and languages; the associated 'Club' is a federation of PHP, Python and Perl user groups.

The Australian Service for Knowledge of Open Source Software: The Australian Service for Knowledge of Open Source Software (ASK-OSS) provides a national focal point for advice, management, governance, storage and dissemination of FOSS for research and higher education. ASK-OSS provides unbiased, pragmatic guidance on: selection of appropriate FOSS for research; choosing appropriate FOSS licenses; management/governance for FOSS development; and storage and community development of FOSS.

Open Source Industry Australia: Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA) is an industry association for companies working with open source technolgies, delivering commercial solutions, services and training.

FOSSACT: FOSSACT is a users group focussed on promoting and supporting the use of free and open source software in business and government in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding regions.

Open Source Victoria: Open Source Victoria (OSV) is an Industry Cluster consisting of over 80 Victorian firms and developers which provide services and technology related to Free and Open Source Software. Open Source Victoria offers marketing, advocacy and information referral services, and aims to raise the profile of FOSS in Victoria and work with other similar organisations across Australia.

Open Source Tasmania: Open Source Tasmania (OST) is a growing group of Tasmanian companies, government and community organisations wishing to work together to achieve outcomes for all stakeholders. The deployment of open standards and the use of OSS is becoming common practice in a number of private and government organisations around the world. These solutions can provide economic, social and business benefits that should be further examined in Tasmania.

Foundations of Open Media: FOMS is dedicated to the development open standards for multimedia. They hold a workshop annually, right before

In addition, there are many special interest groups dedicated to specific FOSS technologies, such as Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Rails, and so on. There are others that are FOSS-friendly but also work with proprietary technologies.