LCA2014 September update

Social events: are booked signed and deposits paid. Deposits: for nearly all supplier and vendors are completed.
This includes, swag, shirts, transport

Accommodation: Speakers and delegates have started booking accommodation from the various providers and sending us inquiries, which we have answered pretty quickly

Catering: is organised. Tanya has organised most of the above.
There is a few permits and site plans to submit with UWA and the council but Tanya has that in hand. She is doing a great job.

Conference week: We have started to discuss who in the team will be at the conference before and during LCA. So far Ian Kent, Paul Del Fante & Leon have expressed interest and will stay on campus and I suspect Luke will as well.

Paul & Tanya will keep overseeing registration, travel, accommodation, speakers, events, transport.
Sponsors, Miniconf, Registrations are being looked after by Luke and Euan and Paul.

These items below are top of our weekly meeting agenda for the next for October.
Speakers: Acceptance emails and non acceptance should all be sent. They are sending us more inquiries about there accommodation and travel.
Leon in our team will be looking after speaker travel. They have started sending us their flight details which I have sent to Flight Centre.

Volunteers: Euan is going to start the call for volunteers this week coming.

AV & Networking. AV is still being worked on at PLUG. Jason has been away so we are hoping to get the ball rolling on this again and have a meeting at UWA with the various tech departments in October. Laptops have been purchased but not camera's.

Networking is moving slowly, Steve has done a good job so far. The hold is from our core team, which haven't given us what info we need to set up a meeting with UWA.

We now need the gear to be sent from Canberra, so we can work out what else we have to get.
I believe Mr Bromberger has expressed interest in helping with Networking and or AV.

UWA venue: One block of rooms at UWA is now not available due to exams. Our main contact at UWA is currently away and back with in a week. But there are rooms available in arts so Luke is working this out with UWA.

Euan and Tanya are doing an extremely great job, above and beyond.

Thanking you Paul Del

For subcommittee: