Linux Australia event support

Linux Australia supports free and open source events like conferences and user groups with the following resources:

  • seed funding
  • a bank account and accounting resources
  • extending our public liability and volunteer insurance to cover your conference, meetings or other event

Support is available for one-off events and for regular meetings like user groups. This support is extended through the sub-committee policy.

In order to apply to run a supported event or group, please review the the sub-committee policy and contact in order to start the process.

The subcommittee policy requires that all profit from your event or group be returned to Linux Australia. There is an alternative: if you do not want to run your event or group as a sub-committee, you may apply for a grant. Please note however that grant funding for events is more limited than the seed funding that is offered to sub-committees.

See the event listing for Linux Australia events coming up.