Council Minutes Tuesday 07 June 2016

Fri, 2016-06-03 19:36 - 20:43

1. Meeting overview and key information
Hugh, Kathy, Katie, Cherie, Sae Ra

Tony, Craige

Meeting opened by Hugh at 1936hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of Hugh are correct
Moved: Kathy
Seconded: Cherie
2 abstention Carried

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list

General correspondence

VPAC Closure
Email notice to be sent out.
ACTION complete, no further action

UPDATE: Sohan was chased 25th April, awaiting update
UPDATE: an invoice has been sent. Kathy to raise the invoice and ping Sae Ra to approve in Westpac.
UPDATE: All now approved and paid

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Membership Team:
Kathy, chatted wtih Agileware and have asked for 2 quotes, 1 with trial quote and one with full hosting quote

Email from DONNA BENJAMIN regarding website and update to D8 or possible rebuild.
ACTION: Needs analysis of website feature requirements. Should we make things simpler?
Understanding the User Needs of the website
ACTION: Kathy to approach the Membership team Subcommittee.
Draft a survey to better understand the usage of the public facing website. The membership team is in progress.
ACTION Kathy to communicate with the Linux Aus List.
Survey has been sent out to the Linux Aus list.
Need to compile a summary of answers from the survey.
UPDATE: Survey has been completed, and key findings and recommendations sent to the Linux Aus list.
UPDATE: Survey was sentout to the LA list. Look at wireframes and look at candidate platforms. Tl:dr membership team have been doing stuff.
UPDATE: Quotes received from Agileware and DevApp regarding hosting of CiviCRM, Kathy currently following up.

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
High Priority. Tony to update Action Register
UPDATE: still blocked by getting access to the NZ accounts.
UPDATE: Tony still attempting to engage with the bank
There is an outstanding amount for the Ellis’ that needs to be sorted.

Please refer to Action Items list for more items.

4. Items for discussion

Standing item: review activities list for new items

Call for bids for 2019
ACTION: Tony to do the Python script magic and amend dates, then to formally announce the call for bids
In Progress

Informal request to Hugh from Ben Dechrai BuzzConf asking if LA would consider sponsoring. Have said would float informally with Council in first instance.
Very much in the Linux Australia.
Excellent atmosphere.
It is not an open source event. Semi-corporate presenters.
There are no issues with the integrity or running of the event just not sure that LA should be sponsoring the event because it's not open source focussed.
IF buzzconf was to subscribe to the more open source of the way of things. It is more of a case of needing corporate sponsorship.
It is worth exploring further
Logo/visibility and what options are available etc. It would be worthwhile looking at numbers on what things we could provide.
ACTION: Hugh to have a chat with Ben
UPDATE: In Progress - Hugh to review action items from F2F re:amount and go from there.

Event Updates:
LCA2016 update
We believe we have processed all payments and finances
Event report well received. It also went to Geelong stakeholders.
Caught up with Donna Benjamin and donna now has the large format printer.

LCA2017 update
LCA2017 want to use a different payment provider, Stripe instead of SecurePay. Fees not significantly different.
ACTION: Tony to assess and respond to Chris Neugebauer, allowing us to use SecurePay in future if Stripe doesn’t work out
Papers committee up and running
3 On papers committee, 6/7 women, good diversity of employers
CfP sometime this month
Website/general graphics design took a little longer than expected but now pretty much sorted
F2F meeting at end of month, overall level of comfort high
May end handling accom. bookings themselves

LCA2018 update
LCA2018 team to be contacted re moving forward.

PyConAU update
In Progress

Drupal South Gold Coast 2016
Query from Jana if we have Not for Profit organisation
Register of stuff like are we NfP organisation
Kathy to follow-up with status.

OSDConf 2015
Post Event report released

WEbsite has launched and looks spiffy. There are 30 events this year. Initial comms have gone out and sponsorship is on track.

In progress


WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016
Books can be closed.

WordCamp Sydney 2016
Very well organised and on top of everything

CiviCRM 2017 interested in aligning with LA
Nothing to report

5. Items for noting

6. Other business
6 Month check, how are we travelling.

Carried Over from Previous Minutes
Linux Australia as charity funds funnel?
It’s been raised that it would be nice to have Linux Australia (or something else?) as a local, tax deductible vessel via which Australian could donate directly to, for example, the Software Freedom Conservancy.
ACTION: Kathy to reach out to Jon, and try to partner with EFA in regards to Tax Deductible donations. Kathy to respond to the digital rights campaign email.

New Other Business
7. Other business carried from previous Council
ACTION: Cherie to review Minutes from F2F and add to next meeting agenda if further discussion required.

8. In Camera
2 items were discussed in camera

2043AEST close.