Council Meeting 9 June 2011

Thu, 2011-06-09 20:04 - 20:38
  • Present: Michael Carden, Peter Lieverdink, Joshua Hesketh, Mary Gardiner, Alice Boxhall, John Ferlito
  • Apologies: Kelly Yeoh


  • IPv6 Day
    John to thank admin team for making ipv6 'just work'.
  • LCA bid process
    Next step is for some council members to visit the bid teams.
  • Budget progress for new financial year (provisionally starting 1 October)
    Waiting for auditors.
  • Drupal Down Under 2012
    In progress.
  • Progress of policy discussion on linux-aus
    • Donations
      In progress.
    • Media team
      Currently Kelly, Mike, Alice. Non-Council volunteers would be good to add. Council to develop a charter.
  • SGM planning
    • Treasurer's report
      Have some updates from auditors, which will need to go into Xero to produce an updated report.
    • Constitutional amendments
      John and Mary to meet next week to finish drafting round 2
  • Grant request: sponsorship for PHPConfAU
    PHPConfAU is currently on hold, so no decision is required.
  • Moving to Mediawiki
    In progress.
  • Non-Paypal payment gateways
    Joshua is looking at the way PayPal integrates with Xero and whether we need multiple accounts so we can manage payments for multiple concurrent events.
  • Grant request: BarCamp Geelong
    Motion: Approve a $500 grant to BarCampGeelong.
    Moved: John, Seconded: Michael. Carried unanimously,
  • New hardware
    The original sponsor deal fell through. Approaching a few other prospective sponsors. If all else fails, a full HW refresh (3 systems) would probably cost approximately $15k.