Council Meeting 2 May 2012

Wed, 2012-05-02 19:04 - Sat, 2012-06-02 19:29
  • Present: James Polley, Michael Carden, Clinton Roy, Joshua Hesketh, Peter Lieverdink, John Ferlito.
  • Apologies: Bianca Gibson.


  •  LCA 2012 wrap up
    Ballarat Debrief.
  • LCA 2013 update
    Ghosts is this weekend.
    The paper ctte has started and a timeline is being worked on.
    After ghosts a zookeepr hackathon will be organised.
  • Drupal Down Under 2013
    Nothing to report.
  • Joomla! conference 2012
    John has spoken with propspective organisers. 
  • LA Travel Agent
    Joshua has spoken with the travel agent used by LCA2013 to organise ghosts. Travel agent can liaise between cpouncil/event organisers and speakers. LA can pay via BPAY and do not need to reimburse. Will check if we can get a discount or corporate rate.
  • Progress of discussion on linux-aus.
    • Code of Conduct
      Deferred pending name change discussion.
  •  Kylie Willison's FOSS_connect project (
    Kylie is willing to run the RDP but wonders what (if anything) is already in place.
    Will discuss details at ghosts. Check with the LCA team whether they want to find a specific sponsor. Set a budget and announce it.
  • LCA docs & stats
    • Deploy archived Zookeeprs and make accessible for data mining
    • Network documentation
    • OpenWRT and tftp config source repository
      In progress.
  • Kathy Reid's enquiry about media subcommittee
    The media subcommittee brief has been drafted, but isn't completed yet. So in progress.
  • Name change
    Run a poll with ALL OF THE NAMES and create a top 5.
    Reserve the top 3 that are available.
    Run a vote on the top 3 if warranted.
    If there's a winner, change the name.
    SGM on the winner.