Council Meeting 16 May 2012

Wed, 2012-05-16 20:09 - 21:15

Wednesday 16 May 2012 - 8:09 PM EST

Present: John Ferlito, michael Carden, Joshua Hesketh, Bianca Gibson, james Polley, Peter Lieverdink

Apologies: Clinton Roy

* LCA 2013 update
Large productive meeting happened. Progress is becoming progressive. Keynote venue booked, contract signed & submitted.

* Ghosts (done and dusted)
Happened the weekend of May 5. The cupcakes were excellent! Most items seem to be under control. John wants to fly down for a day in August and catch up with the team. Unless it is foggy, then he won't. Send Michael Davies down for a day in November for same.

* Zookeepr hackfest
Will happen during the June long weekend. Goals have been set.

* Drupal Down Under 2012

* PyCon AU 2012
Going well. Sponsors on board, registrations are happening.

* BarCampMelbourne Winter 2012
LA is a member of UrbanCamp. Venue deposit paid. Registrations going well.

* Joomla! conference 2012 (
Have decided to become an LA conference. John will get in touch about what is involved and get bank account sorted.

* LA Travel Agent
Josh is organising details.

* Progress of discussion on linux-aus.
* Name change
* Code of Conduct

* Update on new server hardware
Looking for a permanent home.

* Brendan Scott's grant request - UK cabinet (
"... by Brendan Scott for Linux Australia."
Motion: The council proposed to accepts Brendan Scotts grant request once the two week period has passed, if no major objections are raised on the list.
Proposed: Joshua. Seconded: Michael Carden. Carried unanimously.

* LCA docs & stats
* Deploy archived Zookeeprs and make accessible for data mining

* Network documentation
* OpenWRT and tftp config source repository
James Iseppi will provide code and docs.

EOM @ 21:15