Council Meeting 30 May 2012

Wed, 2012-05-30 20:04 - Thu, 2012-05-31 20:38
  • Present: Clinton Roy, Peter Lieverdink, Bianca Gibson, Michael Carden, John Ferlito.
  • Apologies: Joshua Hesketh, James Polley


  • LCA 2013 update
    Zookeepr is up. The CFP is about to open. Team are booking a conference dinner venue and in talks with a speaker dinner venue.
  • Zookeepr hackfest
    Happening the weekend after next.
  • LA Travel Agent
    In progress.
  • Progress of discussion on linux-aus.
    • Name change
      Peter to send the NameChangeProcess email to linux-aus.
    • Code of Conduct
      John will re-ping Susanne and ask if she reckons we need legal advice. (Which in itself is not legal advice :-)
  • Update on new server hardware
    In principle agreement for hosting. John will discuss details.
  • Brendan Scott's report needs to be submitted by Friday.
  • PhoneWord Proposal (1300GETLCA)
    Nobody on the council is in favour.
  • Kathy Reid's enquiry about media subcommittee
    Send Kathy the media subctte charter to play with.