Council Meeting 11 Jul 2012

Wed, 2012-07-11 20:00 - 20:36

 Wednesday 11 July 2012 - 8PM EST (7:30PM SA)

Present: John Ferlito, Joshia Hesketh, Michael Carden, James Polley, Peter Lieverdink.
Apologies: Clinton Roy, Bianca Gibson.
* LCA 2013 update
Proposal review is in progress. There are many proposals.
* Pycon AU 2012
Is next week. All good.
* Joomla! Conference 2012
All set up with bank accounts & Xero.
* WordCamp Sydney
Went well.
* LA Travel Agent
* Progress of discussion on linux-aus.
Stuff is happening on the list. Positive stuff.
** Name change
** Code of Conduct
John is sending to LCA team for review.
* Update on new server hardware
* Press release about Brendan Scott's report 
Do something when results released
* Secure boot - update
* New bank account/term deposit details
Get an idea from events (mainly LCA) on how much cash on hand is required to pay bills. This will allow us to put money away in high interest accounts or term deposits and have them mature in time to meet commitments.
* Merchant acct
In progress. Merchant provider wants website information to audit sites to ensure T&C, refund, ABN etc are all present.
* LCA 2014
EOM @ 20:36