Council Meeting 1 February 2013

Fri, 2013-02-01 12:45 - 13:50

Meeting opened approximately 1245hrs

Location: Australian National University, Canberra

Present: Mr Joshua Hesketh, Mr Hugh Blemings, Ms Kathy Reid, Mr François Marier, Ms Bianca Gibson, Mr Josh Stewart, Mr Clinton Roy

For clarity, Mr Joshua Hesketh is referred to in minutes as ‘Joshua’ and Mr Josh Stewart is referred to as ‘Josh’

Log of Correspondence
A. Council received one item of correspondence and it was discussed in camera.

1. Joshua welcomed the new Council and congratulated them on being elected to Council. The Council introduced themselves to each other. Joshua briefed the Council on standard procedures, quorum and teleconferencing.

2. Contact details were sought from each Council member
ACTION: Kathy to update Contact details on the Wiki Council Portal
Action completed 2 Feb 2013
ACTION: Someone to please update Council details on LA website
Action completed 1 Feb 2013

3. The Council discussed where the minutes of meetings were kept.
ACTION: Kathy to generate a template for Minutes
Action completed 2 Feb 2013 - we’ll use this document outline for minutes

4. The Council discussed the best day and time for regular teleconference catchup.
ACTION: Kathy to organise a shared calendar and add entries for regular teleconference.

5. The Council discussed arrangements for 2013 Ghosts Debrief sessions and for 2014 Ghosts briefing session.

6. The Council discussed arrangements for Council Face to Face.
DECISION: Face to face will be held on the weekend of 2nd-3rd March in Melbourne, as this represents the least travel.
ACTION: Bianca to identify suitable venues.
ACTION: All to identify travel arrangements / requirements and let Joshua know

7. Joshua indicated that LA has arrangements with a travel agency
ACTION: Joshua to document travel agency requirements

8. It was proposed by Clinton that the Council use Trello for actioning all the action items and see if it works. All in agreement.
ACTION: Kathy to establish Trello

9. Discussion was held around current state of Media Subcommittee
ACTION: Bianca to chase current state of Media Subcommittee

10. It was noted that the BoF was well attended and Council discussed having psychological assistance/counselling services as a member service that could be made available to all LA members.
DECISION: Defer for further discussion at LA Face to Face

11. It was noted that it is now more than three years since the last member survey, and that it would be ideal to run one again.
DECISION: Defer for further discussion at LA Face to Face

12. It was noted that old members had not been expired from MemberDB. Discussions subsequent to meeting occurred exploring the need to ensure alignment with legal requirements, and for appropriate communication to members, and opt-out options.
ACTION: Kathy to find out how to do this and make it so

An additional (2) items were discussed/in camera./


NEXT MEETING: TELECONFERENCE 1945hrs either 13th or 14th FEBRUARY 2013