Council Meeting 09 May 2013

Thu, 2013-05-09 19:50 - 21:05

Council Minutes Thursday 09 May 2013


Mr Joshua ‘El Presidente’ Hesketh, Mr Josh Stewart, Ms Kathy Reid, Mr Clinton Roy, Mr Hugh Blemings


Mr Francois Marier, Ms Bianca Gibson

Quorum was achieved

Meeting opened at 1950hrs

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata

MOVE that the minutes from 24 April are correct

MOTION MOVED by El Presidente, SECONDED by Kathy, passed with one abstention (Clinton)

2. Log of correspondence

Membership - In the period since last meeting 24th April, there have been 5 applications for membership of LA. These have all been approved except from one applicant, who has yet to provide her last name as per the constitution. Membership stands at 2928 according to MemberDB.

Insurance policy renewals from HIMAN BHINDI at oamps

Hugh advised that the policies are ready to pay. Discussions currently in progress regarding specific inclusions and coverage limitations.

Request from Open Food Web from KIRSTEN LARSEN and next actions
(we postponed part #2 of her request at last meeting)

Discussion was held on whether we should fund development of open source software.

MOTION MOVED by El President that Linux Australia fund the Open Food Web project with a grant of $2000, SECONDED by Hugh, passed unanimously

Sponsorship prospectus for GOVHACKAU from PIA WAUGH in response to our initial sponsorship enquiry

Discussion held around sponsorship prospectus, in particular the large amount. General agreement that it would be a positive association, and in line with values. General consensus that sponsoring a ‘Linux Australia’ prize would be of more value. General discussion around liking requirement of mashups to be released under an open source license.

MOTION MOVED by El Presidente that Linux Australia sponsors GovHackAU at the Gold $5k level total sponsorship, with a preference for the sponsorship to partly go towards a prize. This sponsorship denotes Linux Australia’s support for the open government movement.

SECONDED by Hugh, passed unanimously

SLUG Subcommittee changes from TIM ANSELL

MOTION MOVED by El Presidente that Council accept the changes to SLUG’s Subcommittee, and additionally notes the fine efforts of Tim Ansell, Patrick Elliott-Brennan

SECONDED by Kathy, passed unanimously

LA Privacy policy enquiry from PETER LAWLER (to linux-aus list, Secretary CC’d, brought to Council for further discussion)

Council noted thanks to Peter for bringing this to our attention, and it will be discussed in the context of broader policy and constitutional reviews at a later date.

Grant request from ROBERT FELDMAN for Rails Girls Brisbane

General consensus that this is in line with Linux Australia’s values and diversity. Council noted that our Grant policy stipulates a two week feedback period. Given the timeframes, strong consensus for support for the event, lack of dissenting opinion on the linux-aus lists and strong merit of the application, Council decided to approved the grant request in the amount of $500.

MOTION MOVED by Clinton Roy to approve grant request for $500 SECONDED by Kathy, passed unanimously

Drupal South request to become a Subcommittee from JOSH WAIHI

Council discussed the relationship between DrupalCon and Drupal South

DEFER to Council list for informed decision and discussion

DrupalGov Canberra request to become a Subcommittee from CHRIS SKENE

DEFER to Council list for informed decision and discussion

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

(Refer Trello for action items and please update current status before meeting)

Shaun Nyquist - Clinton has liaised with Shaun regarding this request. Discussion around whether it is within Linux Australia’s remit to foster open source within south-east Asia. The need is not urgent. Noted that this request was sent to linux-aus list in late February.

DECISION to defer approval of grant request until current state of budget can be confirmed with Treasurer.

4. Items for discussion

Call for Subcommittee Participation

El Presidente drafted one, has sought feedback.

ACTION: El Presidente to put on Google Docs

LCA2013 wind up update

Wound up, no further action. Council noted that the conference returned a profit of approx $AUD46k

LCA2014 update

Dates announced

Papers committee is in progress

Noted that MeetUp is big in Perth and Brisbane

LCA2015 bid process

With El Presidente to action

2014 Rusty Wrench nominations

Deferred until later in the year

AUIGF update

ACTION: El Presidente to follow up via a phone call, will wait for a chat before putting a logo up

Sponsorship of accounting software

Concerns were raised about whether investing here would be useful to LA specifically.

DEFERRED for discussion with Francois.

Subcommittee Spiel for child events to have on their site

El Presidente to put on Google Drive

PyCon AU update

Schedule announced, progressing well

ZooKeepr hackfest to be held during PyCon AU’s sprints

Media subcommittee and Newsletter update

Kathy to reach out to Don Knowles re a LUG article

ACTION: Media Subcommittee to send out a deadline for articles to be submitted to for the next newsletter

Noted that Twitter is becoming a strong engagement channel

TASLug elections

DEFERRED until official notification received from TASLug

5. Items for noting

Nconnects invoice received for teleconf facilities

Kennards storage - need to put under another credit card

Discussion around what is actually left in storage - and whether it’s worth keeping or whether it should be disposed of?

ACTION: Kathy to renew for a month or so and then chat with Peter / Donna to see whether it’s worth storing.

6. Other business

Meeting closed 2105hrs