Council Minutes Wednesday 16 December 2015

Wed, 2015-12-16 19:48 - 20:52

1. Meeting overview and key information
Josh H, Chris N, Tony, Sae Ra, Josh S, James

Craige M

Meeting opened by Josh H at 1948hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 03 December are correct
Moved: Josh H
Seconded: Chris
Passed unanimously

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list
MOTION by JOSHUA HESKETH to approve the WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016 budget dated 09/12/15.
Passed with 1 abstention
General correspondence

VPAC Closure
MemberDB is not hard to move. Most of There’s a few LUG things/DNS stuff.
ACTION: Josh H to ping Steve

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Request from infrastructure subcommittee for assistance around previous LCA websites.
ACTION: Sae Ra to work with Steve W around this
In Progress

Email from DONNA BENJAMIN regarding website and update to D8 or possible rebuild.
Discussion held about means of finding people willing to assist with both the maintenance of the website platform as well as the content available on this.
JOSH H to speak to Donna regarding this
UPDATE: Ongoing
UPDATE: to be moved to a general action item. To do a call for help to work on the website. Could this be treated as a project.
We need to at least get the website to D8 and automate the updating process.
ACTION: Josh to get a backup of the site to Craig
ACTION: Craige to stage the website to see how easy it is to update.
UPDATE: Craige to log in to the website to elevate permissions.
UPDATE: Still in progress
ACTION: Josh H to tarball the site.
Outstanding action
In Progress
ACTION: Craige to send key to Josh H
In progress.

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
Update: Still in progress
Money shuffling is still required

ACTION: Josh H to follow-up on Invoices from WordCamp Sydney
UPDATE: Would be interested in changing the subcommittee structure for ongoing conferences. Conference committees to draft a policy.
UPDATE: Currently being followed up.
ACTION: Josh H to follow this up
Have received information back. Josh to continue following up.
News Limited is still outstanding
WordPress Foundation:
acts similarly as Linux Australia.
Runs multiple WordCamps in the US.
WordPress give access to names to, documentation and financial support to WordCamps outside of US and Australia.
There is a mandate for WordPress to not return a profit.
What to do with outstanding debt:
What to do in the future: WordPress foundation will act as a sponsor to the event.
If the event makes a loss. WordPress foundation is able to act as a safety net.
Debt outstanding for 2014:
MOTION by JOSH HESKETH we cancel the debt for the WordPress foundation for their sponsorship for WordCamp in Sydney
Seconded: Tony
Carried with 1 objection
ACTION: Josh H to Confirm Sponsorship with the WordCamp 2016 budget.
Admin Team draft budget from STEVEN WALSH
UPDATE: Awaiting for a more firm budget
UPDATE: Still awaiting
UPDATE: Steve is on holidays and it will be followed up later.
UPDATE: Tony to follow up.
In Progress.
Please refer to Action Items list for more items.

4. Items for discussion
LCA2016 update
Josh has talked to David and Kathy - Everything is within budget and contingency items have been set into the budget.
Sales are tracking well.

LCA2017 update
Subcommittee to be formed.
MOTION by JOSH HESKETH to form a subcommittee for LCA2017 with Josh Stewart as a community member with a council member to be the stood in as a community member of either Josh Hesketh or Tony Breeds.
Chair: Chris N
Treasurer: Matthew D'Orazio
Craige McWhirter
Michael Cordover
Carried 1 abstention
ACTION: Chris to send through email on what’s involved around the venue.

LCA2018 update
Flights are booked for a site visit.
the LCA2018 team may need to work out when Ghosts would be held because of venue organisations.
Josh H to organise hotels.

PyConAU update
ACTION: Josh to catch up with PyConAU.
Call for special events has gone out.

Drupal South
ACTION: Josh to catch up with DrupalSouth

Need to close the books and seek a closure report

To submit a forked subcommittee policy

ACTION: Josh to seek a closure report.

Josh H caught up with the team and they are going well.
Westpac access to be given.

WordCamp Sunshine Coast
Budget has been passed.

5. Items for noting
Meeting room for AGM has been booked.

6. Other business
Meetup payments for LCA, Humbug, LibrePlanet.
Clinton Roy has been funding the account.
We are currently paying for the SLUG meetup.
Deferred until current meetup account is evaluated and if it can use the LA account or if we have to create a new account.
LCA is now under the Linux Australia account
ACTION: Josh H to find out how to consume the other Meetup events: Humbug, LibrePlanet.
Humbug meetup has a subscription for the next 6 months.
James: to chase up with Clinton re LibrePlanet.
UPDATE: In Progress

7. In camera
2 items were discussed in camera

2052PM Close