Linux Australia Council Update, March 2011

News this month: LCA Ghosts, LCA2013, Council Face to Face, Policy Work, ADA Copyright Forum, Sub-committee policy available for review, Donations and grants, Community News.

Welcome to what will hopefully be a much more regular series of council updates. These are now what used to be called President’s Reports. The main reason for the name change is so that anyone from the council can send one to help spread the work load around. If you have any general news or update on a project you are working on that would be of general interest to the greater Linux Australia community then please send a quick email to and we will endeavour to include it in future updates.

LCA Ghosts

The LCA Ghosts event was held on the last weekend of February in Ballarat. Ghosts is designed for the next LCA team to be able to outline their plans to members of previous LCA teams in order to receive feedback and ask questions. We spent a productive two days of discussion and I’m already looking forward to LCA in Ballarat next year. Ballarat is an exceptional Australian regional center and I think the experience will have some strong parallels with Dunedin which was an exceptional venue.John Ferlito


The formal request for bid proposals has just been sent out. We would again like to encourage prospective bidders to make their intentions know so we can give them support in terms of sample documents, budgets and advice. Even if you are thinking of bidding for 2014 or 2015 it is well putting in a first go now. It is very rare that a team is accepted on its initial bid. If you are thinking about doing this then please email any questions to

Council Face to Face

The council met this past weekend (March 19–20) for its first Face to Face meeting of the year. These meetings are designed to allow the council to meet together and discuss plans for the coming year. This meeting we also set aside some time to actually work on policies and procedures rather than just talking about things! The meeting minutes will be sent in the next few days.

Policy Work

As mentioned, a lot of time at the Face to Face was spent discussing various policies that the council has been working on. We will be sending drafts to the community for review over the next few weeks. Rather than send them all in one go and have 10 discussions all at once we will be sending them out one by one. Once we haven’t had any discussion on the most recent policy for a couple of days we’ll send the next one through. The first policy in relation to sub-committees has already been sent and we’ll send the rest according to the following schedule.

  • Sub-Committees
  • Values
  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Financials
  • Diversity
  • Anti-harassment
  • Lists / planet

Treasurer’s report for 2010

Treasurer Joshua Hesketh posted the 2010 Treasurer’s Report to the linux-aus list for comment. A motion to approve this report and an auditor’s report (currently in preparation) will be moved at a Special General Meeting when the audit is complete. The auditors report is a new requirement for associations with more than $250k of revenue.

ADA Copyright Forum

On March 4, Michael Carden represented LA at the Australian Digital Alliance’s copyright forum at the National Library in Canberra. The ADA is an organisation made up of cultural institutions, universities and individuals from all over Australia, united by a common desire to reform government policies around copyright and intellectual property licensing. It may be that LA’s values are sufficiently aligned with ADA for LA to become an ADA member.

Sub-committee policy available for review

Linux Australia is starting to audit subcommittees and teams to have an up-to-date and specific list of who is involved in what.  We are currently looking for feedback on our new policy and would also like members of teams to begin to fill out this form.

Donations and grants

Linux Australia will be making a $5000 donation to the Ada Initiative as program development funding.

Community news

Google Summer of Code (a misnomer for this hemisphere, but still open to students in Australia!) is gearing up to take applications for 2011. Mentoring organisations have been announced and students should be talking to them now. Student applications are open from March 28 to April 8.

The PyCon AU (Sydney, August) Call for Proposals is presently open.

On March 25, the venerable Sydney Linux Users Group will vote on a motion to wind up their incorporated association and become a subcommittee of Linux Australia, for more information see their announcement of an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Ada Initiative is running a census designed to “take the temperature” of women’s participation in open communities. Their goals are to learn what projects women are working on, and how women are treated in each community. The census is open to anyone, not only women, and closes March 29.

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