LCA2013 Bid Process Open


We have just come off the tail end of 2011 and I'm very much looking forwarded to 2012 in Ballarat next year. However it is now time to look forwards to 2013.

We have moved the bid process much earlier this year to give teams more of a chance to get organised and to leave the wining team enough time to make preparations for the announcement at 2012.

The new timeline is outlined below:

  • Jan/Feb  - The council updates the bid process documentation.
  • 8th Feb  - The council will request expressions of interest for LCA.
  • 15th Mar - The council will formally request bids for LCA.
  • 15th May - Submission of formal bids closes.
  • Jun-Aug  - The council clarifies any questions regarding the bids and visits each bid team.
  • Sep      - The council decides on the winning city and informs the bidding teams.
  • Jan      - The winning bid is announced at the LCA closing ceremony.

At this stage the council is looking for expressions of interest from members of the community. The aim is to get the idea out there that you personally want to host LCA in your local town or city.  Start talking ideas through with friends, family and even the community at large.

From the attendance at the BOF a few weeks ago, there are already quite a number of you thinking quite seriously about the process. Please make your expressions of interest public, it might just help you find another valuable core team member.

Don't worry too much at this stage about putting together a formal bid document. Use the time to start conversations and put together a vision for what you want your perfect LCA to be. Hopefully this process will help convince some others to try and give you a hand!

Let the ideas flow and once you have a firm vision and hopefully a few others willing to pitch in a hand, then the construction of a formal bid document can commence.

If you've ever sat in the back of a LUG meeting or LCA talk and had a quick chat to someone about running an LCA now is the time to put that idea into action. If you were the person two seats back listening in, go bug that person to put in a bid :).

The first thing to to do is to send an email to

You should CC so that the rest of the community is aware you are thinking of preparing a bid. Hopefully this will encourage other people in your area to help you out.

Once you've done that here are two documents to help you get started.

The first outlines what is required for the bid process, while the second give a fairly detailed overview of the sorts of things you need to think about when preparing to run an LCA.

If you are thinking of bidding, please put your hand up sooner rather than later so that the council can make sure you get the support you need to prepare a high quality bid.

Happy bidding!!