Minutes of Council Meeting 08 November 2016

Meeting overview and key information
Present: Cherie, Hugh, Kathy, Sae Ra, Katie,
Apologies: Tony, Craige
Meeting opened by 1906hrs by Hugh Blemmings and quorum was achieved
MOTION that the previous minutes of 25 October 2016 are correct
ACTION: Sae Ra to check the minutes and to move motion on list.

Meeting Part 1 - Preparations for 2017
Hugh’s Email (http://lists.linux.org.au/mailman/private/committee/2016-November/056995.html)
Very good feedback received.
Kathy’s Email (http://lists.linux.org.au/mailman/private/committee/2016-October/056964.html)
Earliest that we can open nominations for election is 18 November. I'd like to recommend the following election timetable to Council:
Nominations open Monday 21 November for 3 weeks, closing 2359hrs Sunday 11th December (3 weeks)
Voting opens Monday 12th December 0000 hrs, closing at midday on Monday January 16 2017 (5 weeks)
Josh Hesketh is able to jump on MemberDB to be able.
AGM Prep
We need to do the minutes of the last AGM for presentation at this AGM - these are usually sent out with the Agenda
Sae Ra to send out draft link.
We need to do an agenda for this AGM (which can pretty much be a copy of last AGM agenda), and call for Agenda items. We usually do three Calls to allow everyone plenty of scope to raise items.
Sae Ra to send out draft link
Office bearers need to do reports
I had a crazy idea that it would be useful to present an
"*infographic*" of Linux Australia - ie members, finances, events etc - to visualise all that we do.
Kathy to find info needed for the infographic.
The big one here is the Treasurer's report, which requires the auditor's report, and 2015/2016 financials. We need to get on to this one reasonably quickly to allow enough time to get it prepped before AGM.
ETA is early next week.
Subcommittees need to provide reports where appropriate (ie Media and Comms Subcommittee, Treasury and Finance Subcommittee)
A couple of paragraphs for the each of the committees
Hugh to reach out to Steve re wording from the Admin team.
We usually present the Timeline of Events at the AGM - ie all the events LA has run for the year. I think this runs off a Google doc? I'll check it out.
May need to ask Josh H.
Reports to be out in advance of the AGM. And an executive summary to be presented at the AGM.
We need to determine if Rusty Wrench is running, and if not then
arrange award for The Michaels for Papers Committee

Sae Ra’s Email (http://lists.linux.org.au/mailman/private/committee/2016-November/056971.html)
Positions, what is involved with being on council, position descriptions etc. I would like to document all of this to be able to provide people with what is needed/required/hoped for as part of council for the coming years.
Cherie and Katie to work on position descriptions for OCM
Kathy to work on VP
Hugh to work on President
Tony to work on Treasurer
Are we running for council next year?
Hugh to stand again would like to put to the membership keep linux australia ticking along.
Kathy to stand to move Linux Australia forward towards a more strategic future.
Sae Ra to be standing again.
Katie would be willing to stand for OCM again at this stage.
Cherie would be willing to stand again for OCM. looking to make this a long term thing.
Ensure that we all have the bandwidth to carry out our roles.
If not is there anyone you can recommend/encouraging to run?
What can be done as a council to improve/change experiences on council?
To come out via the Position Descriptions.

The next part of the meeting was held In Camera, to discuss GovHack.