Minutes of Council Meeting 13 September 2016

1. Meeting overview and key information
Hugh, Katie, Kathy, Craige, Cherie, Sae Ra


Meeting opened by Hugh at 1935hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 30 August 2016 are correct

Agenda summary - key items for discussion this agenda

ABS Economic Activity Survey - who to take ownership / what information is required? (it’s a legal obligation, must be done)

ACTION: Tony and Hugh to work on this together
UPDATE: Reminder notice received

Discuss next steps for Membership platform and review the 2nd round MailChimp email

Kathy walked the meeting through the statistics for the Mailchimp mail outs
ACTION: Kathy to draft an email to go out to Members noting that we’re attempting to keep our membership up to date, noting attempts to email out, and requesting that people checking their email inboxes, and requesting responses if not yet received. Then to send to Council for feedback, Secretary (Sae Ra) to send comms.

DEFER decision on expiring membership until after this email goes out
ACTION: Sae Ra to input all the Yes’ into a spreadsheet.

MORE INFORMATION required around Membership platforms.
ACTION: Kathy to go back to Membership committee to see if we can identify what effort is required in getting MemberDB to a less risky state

Discuss ongoing responsibility for Storage King locker / access to such and transferral out of David Bell’s name

DECISION: Kathy to take ownership and be point of contact until we have a longer term plan. Kathy needs to devolve other tasks to make this happen.

DECISION: Access to be given to Ryan Verner to facilitate his AV role in multiple events. Council notes the potential conflict of interest with Ryan’s role in Next Day Video and believe there are sufficient control mechanisms in place to mitigate any concerns here.

ACTION: Kathy to arrange to take ownership from David and communicate with Ryan.
ACTION: Sae Ra to communicate with the LA Admin team of this.

ACTION: Kathy to form motion on list to form Finance and Treasury Subcommittee, chaired by Treasurer, to enable the formation of a pipeline of people capable of taking on the Treasurer role.

Discuss draft LA budget and Admin Team budget and next steps - do we send to community for review / comment?

Discussion re: face to face item in LA Admin Team budget. General agreement this is a valuable activity.

MOTION by Kathy that the LA budget and Admin Team budgets are approved

Discuss timeline and bid team inspections for expressions of interest received for LCA2019

Discussion re: which expressions of interest have been received and whether any recent communication has been received.

ACTION: Hugh to talk with JOSH STEWART and JOSHUA HESKETH to identify whether they would like to participate in Bid Inspections.

Further discussion / decision required on which sites to formally inspect.
UPDATE: Hugh to follow-up and have a more detailed read of the bid.

ACTION: Cherie to follow up with Expression of Interest parties and encourage submission of a formal bid document, and remind of timeline / deadlines.

Revisit the desire to send a 6-month update email to the Membership

ACTION: Hugh and Kathy to do some initial wording, bounce off Council

Q2 BAS statement and ATO obligations - how to do?

ACTION: Tony to do once GovHack items are reconciled
ACTION: Tony to contact GovHack and request items be reconciled

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list

MOTION by Kathy Reid that a Finance and Treasury Subcommittee is formed, chaired by Treasurer, in line with S(21) of the Linux Australia constitution [1] with a remit to:
Assist the Treasurer to monitor and report on financial activities using the financial systems of Linux Australia

Provide advice and input to Treasurer and Council on preparation and execution of budgets and other financial interests
Own and maintain the organisation's Risk Register and provide advice to Treasurer and Council on risks and mitigation activities

Provide a pipeline for training and upskilling Members of Linux Australia interested in taking on the Treasurer role
Invite Members of Linux Australia to the Subcommittee as appropriate, providing that Council is informed when Members are appointed and/or removed
The initial Subcommittee will consist of Tony Breeds and Kathy Reid initially, with any other Council members able to join. Tony and Kathy to then work through who to invite to the Subcommittee, and determine whether to do a call to Members to volunteer.

Seconded: Hugh
Carried with 3 absent

ACTION: Kathy to check with Tony if we should go to the wider community

IN CAMERA MOTION by Kathy Reid THAT Linux Australia Council, on behalf of LA Members, and linux.conf.au teams past and present, formally award both MR MICHAEL DAVIES and MR MICHAEL STILL with an award in recognition of their service to the linux.conf.au Papers Committee for over a decade. The award value should not exceed $500 each, $1000 in total. This award shall be presented to MR DAVIES AND MR STILL at LCA2017 in Hobart, unless another award recognising similar (such as Rusty Wrench) is made.

DECISION: Further investigation / discussion required on this piece around awards / Rusty Wrench before

ACTION: Hugh to reach out to CRAIGE to identify and explore Craige’s thoughts on the issue

DEFER decision on this until further information is obtained
ACTION: Hugh to email the rusty wrench group.
General correspondence

VPAC Closure
Email notice to be sent out.
ACTION complete, no further action
Look at the current setup and find the way that it is. Keep it progressing.

AV Gear for PyConAU
Kathy to email Richard Jones and Ryan regarding the issues regarding storage of items. UPDATE: Richard and Chris have both nominated Ryan as the person who will handle gear transfer for their conferences. Ryan would like to keep the gear in Geelong until we know more around what’s happening with Hobart.

UPDATE: David Bell has provided information on how the Storage King storage space in East Geelong can be transferred to another person.
FOR DISCUSSION: On who is going to take ownership of this / plans going forward - for example if Hobart don’t want to store gear will this person end up being the storage contact point for the next several years?
From Previous Meetings:

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

MemberDB update and consideration of AgileWare quote
Kathy, chatted with Agileware and have asked for 2 quotes, 1 with trial quote and one with full hosting quote
UPDATE: Detailed quote now received from AgileWare, for Council consideration
How will this be funded. Should the organisation take on an umbrella type role to organise events or should we invest into the new system
Needs to be some investigation on to the membership database, and see if we can find out if this investment is worthwhile for the membership. How many members are we catering for? MemberDB states 3447 members but do we have these members? What is the most cost effective way to cater for the membership.
Proposal to council. For the membership team to investigate mailchimp options and what it will cost to do the quick poll.
ACTION: Kathy to take this back to the membership committee.
UPDATE 2nd August - MailChimp email has gone out, latest results are about 85.6% of respondents - 856 out of 2933 - wish to remain members.

FOR DISCUSSION: Is this approach (see Kathy’s email) appropriate?

UPDATE as of 24th August - a second round of MailChimp email has gone out - ostensibly to those who didn’t respond the first time. Some feedback rec’d that people have rec’d two emails - likely to be duplicate membership entries under different email addresses.
FOR DISCUSSION on next actions

Poll results for both the first round email and second round email to date
Confirm Membership July 2016 - follow up Survey
Votes cast: 303
Pending votes: 1582
Last vote cast: 8/23/16 8:23AM
Option Votes Percentage Last vote Yes, I'd like to remain a Linux Australia Member! 237 78.2% 8/23/16 7:39AM No thanks, I'd like to cancel my free Linux Australia membership. 66 21.8% 8/23/16 8:23AM
Confirm Membership July 2016 Survey
Votes cast: 885
Pending votes: 2408
Last vote cast: 8/20/16 9:31PM
Option Votes Percentage Last vote Yes, I'd like to remain a Linux Australia Member! 757 85.5% 8/17/16 8:40PM No thanks, I'd like to cancel my free Linux Australia membership. 128 14.5% 8/20/16 9:31PM
Summary of results (MailChimp login can be provided if desired)

3293 records were exported from MemberDB
2548/3293 emails were successfully delivered on the first campaign (duplicates, bounces etc)
1652/1885 emails were successfully delivered on the second follow-up campaign
A total of 1188 confirmed positive responses (Yes I want to remain a member) were received
A total of 194 confirmed no responses (No I don’t want to be a member) were received
Which means that out of 3293 MemberDB records, 1911 were either undeliverable or no response was received
Recommended next actions

MOTION by Kathy Reid that the following actions are taken after 1st September in line with S(4)(e) of the Constitution:
THAT Members who confirmed their Membership via the recent poll remain in the Membership register
THAT Members who confirmed they would like their Membership revoked are removed from the Membership register
THAT Members who did not respond either way are removed from the Membership register, NOTING that they may re-apply to become a Linux Australia member at any time

MOTION by Kathy Reid NOTING that 1188 Members have confirmed that they wish to remain Members of the organisation THAT Linux Australia proceed to replace MemberDB with CiviCRM as per quote from AgileWare received in June 2016 AND that quotes are further sought to have a custom voting module built to handle LA’s voting requirements, SUCH that the new Membership and voting platform is delivered prior to Council elections for 2017

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
High Priority. Tony to update Action Register
UPDATE: still blocked by getting access to the NZ accounts.
UPDATE: Tony still attempting to engage with the bank
There is an outstanding amount for the Ellis’ that needs to be sorted.
To be sorted by Tony.
ACTION: Kathy to chase where this has got to.

Please refer to Action Items list for more items.
KATHY to get GST reportings for ATO
BLOCKED - not sure how to actually do this
4. Items for discussion

Standing item: review activities list for new items

Call for bids for linux.conf.au 2019
UPDATE: Expressions of interest have been received

Informal request to Hugh from Ben Dechrai BuzzConf https://buzzconf.io/sponsor-buzzconf-2016/ asking if LA would consider sponsoring. Have said would float informally with Council in first instance.
Very much in the Linux Australia.
Excellent atmosphere.
It is not an open source event. Semi-corporate presenters.
There are no issues with the integrity or running of the event just not sure that LA should be sponsoring the event because it's not open source focussed.
IF buzzconf was to subscribe to the more open source of the way of things. It is more of a case of needing corporate sponsorship.
It is worth exploring further
Logo/visibility and what options are available etc. It would be worthwhile looking at numbers on what things we could provide.
ACTION: Hugh to have a chat with Ben
UPDATE: In Progress - Hugh to review action items from F2F re amount and go from there.
ACTION: Kathy to ping Ben

2016-2017 Draft budget for consideration
To be moved to mailing list for discussion.

All please review for the next meeting

Admin Budget
Sae Ra to start an email thread about the admin team budget
Kathy to make sure that LA Budget reflects the admin budget.
Sae Ra to setup a meeting with Steve to walk through the budget. Key decision points: walk through the budget, which calendar year they fall, and the roi of the F2F budget and days.
ACTION: Hugh to ping Tony regarding BAS and activity statements
Kathy - now 6 weeks away from end of financial year need to discuss the budget. Get the committee’s take, vote on the draft budget and forward to community.

Event Updates:
LCA2017 update
Acceptances have gone out.
LCA2018 update
Numbers are are a bit high budget wise./ Hugh to double check the number
LCA2019 update
Hugh to meet with the team
PyConAU update
Call for volunteers has gone out for
Drupal South Gold Coast 2016
Awards night. Is LA supposed to be there? NZ are looking to find a way to get people there.
WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016
WordCamp Sydney 2016
Likely to run at a minor loss.
CiviCRM 2017 interested in aligning with LA
5. Items for noting
Sae Ra is going through a PD writing process for the Secretarial role. Also talking with the Admin team to briefly bring back the wiki so that we can extract the other PDs.
6. Other business
6 Month check, how are we travelling.
Positive pieces for Linux Australia.
Why are we involved?
Why are we doing this?
We have a female majority council. This is unique and ground-breaking stuff. We should be advertising this.
Refer this to the media team.
ACTION: Kathy to send words to council.
Hugh will be OS for the next 5 weeks
Subcommittee for advice
Increased communication between Council and Admin Team.
Removal of Francois as an LA Credit Card holder
Backstory: Sae Ra has received a letter in the LA Mailbox addressed to John Ferlito with a credit card for Francois
ABS Census - Business survey: Was someone able to fill it in? I (Sae Ra) haven’t had the time to sorry…
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0tDYITTLfoeLTN4U0IxaTdqU1l3UlI4Vm13RF9SeGNlRldj/view?usp=sharing

GovHack NZ - budgeting - budgeting for GovHack has been difficult, with expenses (ie sending people to Red Carpet Awards) that was not made clear earlier in the process.
ACTION: Cherie to send formal email to Council outlining issue and $ amount involved

Carried Over from Previous Minutes
Linux Australia as charity funds funnel?
It’s been raised that it would be nice to have Linux Australia (or something else?) as a local, tax deductible vessel via which Australian could donate directly to, for example, the Software Freedom Conservancy.
ACTION: Kathy to reach out to Jon, and try to partner with EFA in regards to Tax Deductible donations. Kathy to respond to the digital rights campaign email.
Kathy to reach out in a couple of weeks time.

New Other Business
7. Other business carried from previous Council
ACTION: Cherie to review Minutes from F2F and add to next meeting agenda if further discussion required.