Minutes of Council Meeting 15 August 2016

1. Meeting overview and key information
Kathy, Sae Ra, Hugh, Cherie

Craige, Katie

Meeting opened by Hugh at 1935hrs and quorum was achieved

MOTION that the previous minutes of 15 July 2016 are correct
Moved: Kathy
Seconded: Hugh

2. Log of correspondence
Motions moved on list

General correspondence

VPAC Closure
Email notice to be sent out.
ACTION complete, no further action
Look at the current setup and find the way that it is. Keep it progressing.
AV Gear for PyConAU
Kathy to email Richard Jones and Ryan regarding the issues regarding storage of items.
UPDATE: Richard and Chris have both nominated Ryan as the person who will handle gear transfer for their conferences. Ryan would like to keep the gear in Geelong until we know more around what’s happening with Hobart.

From Previous Meetings:

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

MemberDB update and consideration of AgileWare quote
Kathy, chatted with Agileware and have asked for 2 quotes, 1 with trial quote and one with full hosting quote
UPDATE: Detailed quote now received from AgileWare, for Council consideration
How will this be funded. Should the organisation take on an umbrella type role to organise events or should we invest into the new system
Needs to be some investigation on to the membership database, and see if we can find out if this investment is worthwhile for the membership. How many members are we catering for? MemberDB states 3447 members but do we have these members? What is the most cost effective way to cater for the membership.
Proposal to council. For the membership team to investigate mailchimp options and what it will cost to do the quick poll.
ACTION: Kathy to take this back to the membership committee.
UPDATE 2nd August - MailChimp email has gone out, latest results are about 85.6% of respondents - 856 out of 2933 - wish to remain members.
FOR DISCUSSION: Is this approach (see Kathy’s email) appropriate?

Poll results
Confirm Membership July 2016 Survey
Votes cast: 856
Pending votes: 2437
Last vote cast: 8/2/16 12:56AM
Option Votes Percentage Last vote Yes, I'd like to remain a Linux Australia Member! 731 85.4% 8/2/16 12:56AM No thanks, I'd like to cancel my free Linux Australia membership. 125 14.6% 7/31/16 4:09AM

ACTION: Josh H and Tony to assess an appropriate amount to transfer funds back from NZ to Australia.
High Priority. Tony to update Action Register
UPDATE: still blocked by getting access to the NZ accounts.
UPDATE: Tony still attempting to engage with the bank
There is an outstanding amount for the Ellis’ that needs to be sorted.
To be sorted by Tony.
ACTION: Kathy to chase where this has got to.

Please refer to Action Items list for more items.
KATHY to get GST reportings for ATO
Kathy to chase up bid submission email.
4. Items for discussion

Standing item: review activities list for new items

Call for bids for linux.conf.au 2019
ACTION: Tony to do the Python script magic and amend dates, then to formally announce the call for bids
In Progress

Informal request to Hugh from Ben Dechrai BuzzConf https://buzzconf.io/sponsor-buzzconf-2016/ asking if LA would consider sponsoring. Have said would float informally with Council in first instance.
Very much in the Linux Australia.
Excellent atmosphere.
It is not an open source event. Semi-corporate presenters.
There are no issues with the integrity or running of the event just not sure that LA should be sponsoring the event because it's not open source focussed.
IF buzzconf was to subscribe to the more open source of the way of things. It is more of a case of needing corporate sponsorship.
It is worth exploring further
Logo/visibility and what options are available etc. It would be worthwhile looking at numbers on what things we could provide.
ACTION: Hugh to have a chat with Ben
UPDATE: In Progress - Hugh to review action items from F2F re amount and go from there.
ACTION: Kathy to ping Ben

2016-2017 Draft budget for consideration
To be moved to mailing list for discussion.

All please review for the next meeting
Admin Budget
Sae Ra to start an email thread about the admin team budget
Kathy to make sure that LA Budget reflects the admin budget.
Sae Ra to setup a meeting with Steve to walk through the budget. Key decision points: walk through the budget, which calendar year they fall, and the roi of the F2F budget and days.
ACTION: Hugh to ping Tony regarding BAS and activity statements
Kathy - now 6 weeks away from end of financial year need to discuss the budget. Get the committee’s take, vote on the draft budget and forward to community.

Event Updates:
LCA2017 update
Going well, papers have closed and Papers Ctte will have their F2F soon
LCA2018 update
Need to finalise budget and form a subcommittee
LCA2019 update
Bid intentions have been alerted to the council.
PyConAU update
Fantastic event. Congratulations to all involved.
Drupal South Gold Coast 2016
Going smoothly
Judging has started and red carpet awards is next
Going smoothly
Nothing to report
WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016
Going smoothly
WordCamp Sydney 2016
Nothing to report
CiviCRM 2017 interested in aligning with LA
Nothing to report
5. Items for noting
6. Other business
6 Month check, how are we travelling.
Positive pieces for Linux Australia.
Why are we involved?
Why are we doing this?
We have a female majority council. This is unique and ground-breaking stuff. We should be advertising this.
Refer this to the media team.
Hugh will be OS for the next 5 weeks
Subcommittee for advice

Carried Over from Previous Minutes
Linux Australia as charity funds funnel?
It’s been raised that it would be nice to have Linux Australia (or something else?) as a local, tax deductible vessel via which Australian could donate directly to, for example, the Software Freedom Conservancy.
ACTION: Kathy to reach out to Jon, and try to partner with EFA in regards to Tax Deductible donations. Kathy to respond to the digital rights campaign email.
Kathy to reach out in a couple of weeks time.

New Other Business
7. Other business carried from previous Council
ACTION: Cherie to review Minutes from F2F and add to next meeting agenda if further discussion required.