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  • Annual General Meeting 2011

    Wed, 2011-01-26 18:46 - 19:40
    • Public officer: Mr Terry Dawson.
    • Returning officer: Mr Stewart Smith.

    Annual General Meeting

    Public Officer declares meeting open.

    Attendance list is circulated.

    President welcomes attendees and is awed by attendance, which is higher than ever!

    Motion to accept previous minutes is proposed by the public officer: Carried unanimously.

    Mr John Ferlito presented the presidents report.

  • Linux Australia Survey

    The Linux Australia Council launched a Membership Survey on 11 May, 2010. The Survey was designed to ascertain what our members expect from Linux Australia and to explore our focus, potential services, how our membership want to engage with us, and to ascertain our relevance to the Linux and FOSS community.

  • Council Emergency Meeting

    Mon, 2011-01-17 19:05 - 19:38
    • Apologies: Lindsay Holmwood, Alice Boxhall
    • Present: Peter Lieverdink, Michael Carden, Johshua Hesketh, Shaun Nykvist, Elspeth Thorne, John Ferlito


    • Conference is going ahead, though the flooding has affected all plans and venues.
    • The team have secured alternate venues and accommodation options.
    • Budget is affected, but not badly so at this stage.
    • Premiers office wants to go ahead if we have a venue and accommodation.
    • Food and water are fine.


    • Alternative conference venue is the
  • 2011 Venue Change!

    The conference venue is now officially confirmed as being at the Qld. University of Technology - Kelvin Grove campus.  Unfortunately due to the damage sustained by the recent floods in Brisbane, the original buildings located at QUT  - Gardens Point campus will not be available for the week of the conference.

  • Council Emergency Meeting

    Wed, 2011-01-12 20:05 - 20:50

    Special emergency meeting between the LA council and the LCA organising team to discuss how the flooding can or will affect LCA.

    The team will take care of communication:

    • talk to attendees
    • talk to venues
    • talk to sponsors
    • talk to government (city council, mayors office, state government)

    The LCA team will post daily daily updates.

    • Tell attendees final go/no-go date (Monday evening)
    • Tell attendees metrics for cancelling.
  • Queensland Floods: update

    Please keep an eye on for any updates on how the floods might affect the conference.