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  • President's Report August 2010

    It’s been just over a month since my last presidents report, which according to past presidents means that I’m doing well. Apparently the first report is the easy one, maintaining momentum is the key!


    We are now well and truly into the run up to linux, 2011. The LCA Call for Papers, Miniconfs, Posters and Tutorials (that is quite a mouthful!), has been open since the 13th of July. The CFP closes at midnight tonight, so it’s still not too late to get a proposal in.

  • Council Meeting 4 August 2010

    Thu, 2010-08-05 20:06 - 20:36

    Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

    Apologies: Joshua Hesketh, Alice Boxhall

    Present: Michael Carden, Peter Lieverdink, Elspeth Thorne, John Ferlito, Lindsay Holmwood

  • Council Meeting 21 July 2010

    Thu, 2010-07-22 20:06 - 21:06

    Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

    Apologies: John Ferlito

    Present: Michael Carden, Lindsay Holmwood, Peter Lieverdink, Joshua Hesketh, Alice Boxhall, Elspeth Thorne

  • President's Report July 2010

    It has been about 6 months since the current Linux Australia Council was voted in, and about a month since I became President, following James Turnbull’s resignation. In that time, the Council has been working on implementing the platform that we ran on. We have successfully managed to hold a Council meeting every fortnight (with a very few exceptions), to allow us to get together to organise events and implement the goals of Linux Australia.

  • Council Meeting 7 July 2010

    Thu, 2010-07-08 20:03 - 20:24

     Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

    Apologies: Lindsay Holmwood, Elspeth Thorne, Alice Boxhall

    Present: John Ferlito, Peter Lieverdink, Josh Hesketh, Michael Carden,

  • Bids for 2012


    The Linux Australia council is now requesting formal bid proposals for hosting LCA2012. As you can see from our timeline below, we've slipped a bit on announcements and the close for bid proposals is only two weeks away!!