Operational Systems Administrator at Canonical Ltd.

Role Summary:

Part of the distributed operational systems administration team for Canonical Ltd., while the responsibilites for deployment, database maintenance and monitoring of numerous large scale public-facing web applications including Launchpad (launchpad.net), Ubuntu One (one.ubuntu.com) and Landscape (landscape.canonical.com). This role will be home based in Asia Pacific.

Key responsibilities/accountabilities:

* Carry out regular roll-outs of production and staging systems
* Response to outage/issues on the production and non-production environments
* Work with members of QA teams to diagnose problems on production and staging systems
* Coordinate with the development team on testing and roll out of new code
* Longer term tasks typically providing infrastructure for new features on the products we maintain
* Maintaining and in some cases creating reporting tools to analyze feature use/projects progress
* Develop replication and fail-over strategies for availability and scaling
* Documenting all of the above, and automating where possible

Required skills and experience:

* Good interpersonal interactions with customer (internal developers) and other members of the team
* Solid Linux systems administration skills (scripting etc.)
* Understood how to manage and maintain a secure computing environment and how to articulate security concerns
* Good knowledge and experience with web and application services including caching and balancing
* Good revision control skills particularly multi branch development and cherry picking
* Able to communicate clearly in English, especially using email and instant messaging
* Candidate needs to be self-driven, results-orientated and have a positive outlook. Attention to detail, good interaction with customers and personal motivation are key attributed to the success of this role

Desirable skills and experience:

* Experience managing clusters of Linux servers, particularly load balancing, rolling upgrades and managing a changing code base across multiple servers with minimal downtime and maximum stability
* Relational database experience, preferably PostgreSQL, ideally 9.1 in a large replicated environment
* Python experience would be beneficial
* Experience with monitoring systems such as Cricket/Nagios would be advantageous
* Some familiarity with emerging/popular technologies such as NoSQL Databases/Message Queues, etc. as well as JuJu
* Familiarity with Ubuntu would be beneficial

Contact: haw.loeung@canonical.com