Rusty Wrench selection infomation

The Rusty Wrench award is awarded annually for service to the Free and Open Source Software communities in Australia and New Zealand. Examples of service to the FOSS community include:

  • founding or leading or being a major volunteer for FOSS community groups like LA, user groups, SIGs or hackerspaces
  • founding or leading or being a major volunteer for FOSS conferences, including LCA, OSDC and community-specific conferences like PyCons, Drupal events or WordCamps
  • founding or leading or being a major volunteer for FOSS non-profits like OLPC
  • activism around FOSS issues, such as changing IP law or treaties, encouraging government or companies to accept/require open source tenders, or to release code or data under free licences
  • education and outreach to other communities (eg teachers and educators, policy-makers, non-profits) teaching them about open source philosophies, or encouraging or assisting with open source adoption
  • founding or leading open source community media such as blogs, podcasts or newsletters 

The award is for "service to the Australian and New Zealand Free and Open Source Software community" and is not limited to service to Linux Australia and its projects. Even if someone's service is entirely to other FOSS communities in Australia and New Zealand, they are eligible for the award and we encourage you to nominate them!

This is a community contribution award. Contributions to the development of open source projects (eg coding, development leadership, documentation, artwork, bug reporting and similar) are not considered as part of the criteria for winning the Rusty Wrench, except in unusual circumstances where the contributions were themselves a major community-building contribution. If in doubt, feel free to list your nominee's development work in your nomination and make a case for how it helped the community.

The Rusty Wrench recipient each year is chosen by the previous recipients.


All Australian, New Zealand and Oceanian free software and open source community members may be nominated for the award. However, not all are eligible to receive the award:

Nominations can be made at the nomination form.