On April 26th we held an AGM for the SLUG sub-committee and the following results where found. Recording can be found at

General report:

Nothing to report, no events happened apart from monthly meetings.
Meeting in March was not held due to poor communication.
Membership continues to decline.
Website is in disrepair and mailing lists barely functioning.
Need membership to step up and make things happen.
Does seem to be enough talks to keep doing talk format, agreed to keep the same format for now.

Both myself and Patrick are standing down from the committee.

I will remain being the SLUG contact at Google and hosting the event here at Google.
Patrick has committed to investigating what PLUG has done to increase membership.

Robert Smit <> stood up to be on the committee at the meeting.
Jiří Baum <> stood up to take a look at website and other administration issues. Agreed to join the committee too.

For subcommittee: