Software Engineer - Opengear

Opengear designs and manufactures products for sophisticated data center and remote site management. We are looking for a Software Engineer (minimum 2 years' experience) to join our development team in Brisbane.

The engineering team develops and maintains the software for Opengear console servers and management appliances. Our devices run embedded Linux, with a mix of open-source tools (eg. OpenSSH, OpenVPN, NUT, Cherokee, etc.) and our own proprietary additions (serial management, CGI web interface, monitoring daemons, etc.). We work in a wide and varied code base, covering many fields -- embedded development, kernel development, networking, security, serial interfaces, web interfaces, web development, and so on.


You will be working on the software for our embedded Linux console servers and management appliance. Your duties will include:

* Feature development from initial scoping and design to deployment and long term maintenance.

* Providing assistance for escalated customer issues (diagnosing and fixing bug reports).

* Developer level testing, and assisting the test team with generating test plans.

* General infrastructure maintenance as required (build system, source control system, etc.).


Our engineers are expected to be able to work on any part of the software stack, from the operating system up to the Web front end

You should have experience in most of the following:

* Linux development

* Strong C skills

* Rapidly diagnosing/identifying problems and creating effective solutions

* Experience using version control systems and ticket tracking systems

* Familiarity with C++

* Familiarity with GNU toolchains and build utilities

* Familiarity with HTML and Javascript

* Some scripting (Bash/Lua/Python)

Experience in any of the following would be advantageous:

* Experience working in an Agile environment

* An understanding of internetworking technologies such as TCP/IP and routing

* Linux Kernel Driver development/debugging experience

* Understanding of VPN technologies and cryptographic protocols

* Test Automation

* Experience working with a large and varied code base

Opengear will provide the successful candidate with a competitive salary and benefits package.

To apply for this position, please email a current resume to