Linux Australia has a few sub-committees that consist of enthusiastic individuals from the community who share a common passion.

Check out what the various committees below are up to, and even get involved if one tickles your fancy :) Or start your own after reading through the sub-committee policy.

If a group wants to start a subcommittee, they can write to the LA council with the proposed subcommittee name, members of the team, purpose, expected duration, any funding requirements and methods of engaging with the broader community.

The committees are expected to read and agree to the sub-committee policy.

Sub-committees are considered to be official part of the LA structure and can as such speak on behalf of LA in the context of their particular project.

Active subcommittee

Site Chair:
Richard Jones (bank account manager)

Conference Members:
Javier Candiera
Graeme Cross
Tennessee Leeuwenburg
Rory Hart
Ryan Kelly (treasurer, bank account manager)

Community Members:
Chris Neugebauer
Tim Ansell
Clinton Roy
No report published.
Active subcommittee

Aimed at providing support to the Sydney open source community, by running regular monthly meetings (as SLUG traditionally has) and providing other support as needed.

Robert Smit
Neil Davenport
James Polley
Jiří Baum
Active subcommittee

The local Linux Users Group in Tasmania.

Positions to be defined.
No report published.
Active subcommittee
  • Assist the Treasurer to monitor and report on financial activities using the financial systems of Linux Australia
  • Provide advice and input to Treasurer and Council on preparation and execution of budgets and other financial interests
  • Own and maintain the organisation's Risk Register and provide advice to Treasurer and Council on risks and mitigation activities
  • Provide a pipeline for training and upskilling Members of Linux Australia interested in taking on the Treasurer role
  • Invite Members of Linux Australia to the Subcommittee as appropriate, providing that Council is informed when Members are appointed and/or removed

Tony Breeds - Chair (as Treasurer)
Kathy Reid
Sae Ra Germaine
Others TBA
No report published.
Active subcommittee

The webteam keeps the Linux Australia website, wiki and online materials uptodate. The jobs list is a part of this team.

Peter Lieverdink - Coordinator
Joshua Hesketh
Web Team Report
Active subcommittee

Subcommittee to organise and run

Chair: Dion Hulse
Treasurer: Bronson Quick
Community Rep: Dee Teal
No report published.
Retired subcommittee

This subcommittee is responsible for organising BarCamp in Melbourne in 2012.

Coordinator: Ben Dechrai
Treasurer: Peter Lieverdink
Retired subcommittee

The team designated to running

Brian Gilbert
Jane Gilbert
Peter Lieverdink
Donna Benjamin
Retired subcommittee

Drupal meetup in Sydney.

- Magda Kotrzewa
- Pamela Barone

Council acting as community members.
No report published.
Retired subcommittee

The purpose of the DrupalGov subcommittee is to organise the DrupalGov Canberra Drupal camp, to be held in 3rd quarter, 2013.

Christopher Skene
Leanne Shorb