System Administrator - Anchor Systems

Are you an enthusiastic and scarily capable Linux sysadmin? We want you in our Sydney office, Right Now.

Anchor makes the best custom web hosting solutions in Australia. We build to a spec, not to a budget.

Your job will be to lovingly configure and maintain servers for customers. Make no mistake, this isn't a cPanel or Plesk shop; you'll be getting your hands dirty solving interesting problems, and automating ALL the things. We do things the right way, not the cheap way.

You'll be working in a casual and fun environment with a team of equally sharp-minded geeks. Like them, you know how to Get Things Done. Above all, you're a passionate and pragmatic problem-solver. You'll do the right thing by our customers, and give them the solutions they ''need''.

Anchor is a supportive work environment that encourages learning. You can expect to learn a lot here, and at the same time you'll give back to others.

= Your day to day responsibilities will include: =

* Maintaining customer systems, dealing with submitted tickets and responding to customer enquiries efficiently
* Proactively handling problems before our customers even know about them
* Identifying deficiencies in our infrastructure and fixing them
* Mentoring your colleagues to help them expand their skills
* Automating yourself out of the job
* Improving existing systems and processes to better support our customers and your colleagues

= To perform well in this role, you will have: =

* Good time management and task prioritisation skills
* A methodical and principled approach to troubleshooting and problem diagnosis
* The ability to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues
* A strong self-motivation to learn new skills and technologies
* Strong proficiency with at least one programming language
* A solid understanding of security best-practices and theory
* A strong desire to see constant improvement in yourself and the tools and processes you use
* 2+ years of operational experience managing GNU/Linux server systems

= We use these technologies on a day to day basis. The more of these you are familiar with, the better; the rest you will learn: =
* GNU/Linux: Debian, CentOS, RHEL
* Web servers: nginx, Apache
* DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL
* Virtualisation: KVM
* Configuration Management: Puppet
* High Availability: Pacemaker, Corosync, DRBD
* Networking: IPVS/ldirectord, iptables

= Why Anchor should be your home away from home =

* Our kick-ass office is right next door to Town Hall station, and many bus stops are within 1-2 blocks
* Workstations with huge screens and your favourite peripherals, your choice of a desktop or laptop
* Well-stocked drinks fridge
* Company lunch every Friday, visiting one of the many of the nearby eateries
* Transparent, no-nonsense and trusting environment - if we hire you we know you'll do the right thing
* Flexible working hours, because fitting in personal commitments shouldn't be difficult
* Some of the best coffee in the city is just across the road
* We'll send you off to attend conferences like Linuxconf and Pycon, all expenses paid