Systems Administrator at PreviousNext

As Systems Administrator at PreviousNext, you would be managing LAMP-style stacks on (mainly) Ubuntu / Debian virtual servers provided by hosting companies such as Linode, augmenting the PHP development team with your Linux experience.

Servers are provisioned and managed using Puppet, monitored by Nagios. We also use Jenkins for managing various cron-style jobs, and increasingly for testing/deployment.

Server infrastructure ranges from simple single LAMP servers, to highly-available clusters of servers along with MySQL replication, F5 load-balancing serving some high-profile sites that sustain millions of visits per month.

*Development at PreviousNext*

Our distributed development team works primarily with Drupal (PHP), and deploys code from Git repositories to remote servers via tools such as Capistrano. There are also some Rails-based applications in use.

*Your responsibilities*

You will be responsible for implementing solutions including but not limited to server provisioning, configuration and some MySQL database administration, as well as maintenance of iptables firewalls, monitoring, backups and so on. You would also liaise with system administrators at external hosting providers where necessary.

*Drupal and Devops*

Candidates with strong exposure to Drupal will be highly favoured. Although you will not be required to develop websites, this is a DevOps-style role whereby it will be advantageous to be able assist the developers by debugging a Drupal application in terms of performance issues and tweak things like Varnish VCL configs to resolve such issues, as well as understanding of Drupal command-line tools such as Drush and Drupal deployment systems such as Aegir.


You will be required to be 'on-call' and respond to Nagios alerts outside of standard business hours.

*Security assessment*

Due to our ongoing work with various government departments, the successful candidate may be required to obtain an Australian Government security clearance.


This role is only open to Australian citizens (largely due to the potential security clearance.

*Key Selection Criteria*


1. Strong experience in Debian/Ubuntu Linux system administration with a focus on supporting web-based public applications.
2. Strong Experience administering Apache, PHP, MySQL and preferably Drupal.
3. Strong experience in firewalls, backup, Postfix and monitoring implementations
4. Experience working with web developers with DevOps-style values and methodologies
5. Experience with configuration management tools such as Puppet

Nice to have:

1. Varnish experience
2. Drupal experience
3. Jenkins experience
4. PHP/MySQL skills
5. Experience with load-testing tools such as Siege, Blitz, etc.
6. Experience with Graylog2 or similar
7. Experience with Vagrant

PreviousNext has offices Ultimo in Sydney, Avalon in Sydney, and Canberra. Applications for people wishing to work remotely will be considered on merit.

To apply, submit the your details and CV to