Systems Administrator - Production Operations (Unix/Linux) @ Bigcommerce

Who are you?

You are not the typical grumpy Systems Administrator stereotype (you are no Dennis Nedry), you are keen and approachable. DevOps is a way of Life. You probably spend way too much time on Reddit. You are passionate about uptime. You have the “MAGIC” touch, because problem solving is secretly what you makes you tick.

What you will be doing?

Remote management of new and existing infrastructure
Taking ownership of restores from backup
Performing day to day administrative tasks (Linux environment)
Providing level 3 Support for escalated support issues
Liaising with the software development team to triage and isolate issues

Ideally, you’d already have:

2 years + systems administration experience in a Linux/Unix environment
Production support experience
A strong understanding of Linux
Experience working in a shared web hosting environment
A basic to intermediate understanding of Windows Server
Solid web server experience (Apache, PHP, MySQL, NGINX)
Strong troubleshooting methodologies
A strong understanding of managing the Network stack (TCP/IP, IPTables)
An understanding of scalability through Caching, Load Balancing and Clustering
Experience with administering and troubleshooting MySQL
Working experience with Virtulisation
A thirst for learning and getting the job done
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
The ability to script in languages such as Bash, PHP, Perl, Python or Ruby
Cloud based infrastructure hosting

Other things we’re looking for:

Ability to build new dev and test servers
Knowledge of advanced networking concepts such as BGP
Experience with Parallels Plesk Control Panel

Who is Bigcommerce?

We are an Aussie company based in Ultimo. Our SaaS e-commerce product (launched in 2009) is growing explosively. We’ve been profitable since day one so when we decided to raise $35m to help us build our team it was on our terms as a true partnership. Our investors are not trying to prep us for a quick flip to some software graveyard. They are actively involved in our business and really helping us cement our position as the fastest growing SaaS e-commerce platform in the world.
What are we like?

We are not a startup sweat shop. We work smart not hard. We have lots of free snacks and a games room with table tennis, arcade machines, pinball, and a Xbox. We know exactly what we are looking for in every person we hire. We are really, really good at finding and attracting amazing people to join our team. Our management team is 100% behind our team and do amazing things to keep us happy, healthy, engaged and productive.
Our team

We have a 60+ person engineering, design and product team based in Sydney and 90 sales, support and marketing people in Austin, Texas. Most of our Software Engineering team are PHP and Ruby developers but we also do projects in Clojure, Node or whatever is the best tool for the job. We have made a serious effort to hire UI, visual design, interaction design, testers and product management people as early as we can so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Peter Whitfield - Director Engineering

Pete loves to ride his motorbike to work. Formerly Engineering Director at Community Engine. He has got a secret talent of balloon magic, and he is a sucker for Nerf guns.

Soren Harner - VP of Engineering:

Peter reports to Soren. He was previously the VP of Engineering at Atlassian (the Confluence and JIRA guys). He is big on environmental issues, loves riding to work, and has had deep experience building awesome technical teams. We bet you a cookie that Soren is the boss you have always wanted to work for.

Mitch Harper & Eddie Machaalani - Co-Founders:

Our glorious leaders! Mitch and Eddie met on IRC and decided to partner up when they realised they were both building similar products. They do not wear hoodies, they are not arrogant, they love working with smart people, they are very good at motivating the team, and they won't treat you like a cog in their machine. If you have the desire to one day go out and take a shot at your own startup you will learn a lot from these two.