2015 Nominations

Anthony "AJ" Towns

  • AJ is a ghost of LCA conferences past, and served for many years as treasurer of Linux Australia. He's also been a voice of reason, and a critical friend. His stint as Debian Project Lead is also noteworthy.

Ben Dechrai

  • Ben has been a stalwart of the Open Source Developers Club - working hard behind the scenes of many conferences over the years, and last year stepping up to be President. He is currently also convenor of PHPMelbourne.

Brian Gilbert

  • Brian runs the Melbourne Drupal meetups. He was the lead organiser for DrupalDownunder in Melbourne in 2012, and recently ran a successful local camp. He participates in the global community as a lead sprint mentor - helping new members of the community find their way, and make their first contribution.

Gemma Rose Dublan

  • Gem has been conducting Drupal Camps, Apprentice Trainings, Campus Tours for almost 2 years now without receiving any salary and it was all her passion that inspired her to do that advocacy. During 2012 and until now Drupal Pilipinas in the Philippines has been widely heard to become one of the most pro-active group although she is from th

Jacinta Richardson

  • Jacinta has been an active member of the LCA papers committee, the Melbourne chapter of AussieChix/OWoot, Treasurer of OSDC, longstanding contributor to Perl and the Perl community. She really personifies everything the Rusty Wrench is about.

James Iseppi

  • James has taken the role of the Zookeepr project lead onboard with continued gusto. From his first Hackfest attendance in 2008, James has worked on the zookeepr system for every LCA, and most of the pycon conferences in between. From the badges at 2011 to the new "boarding pass" and print-on-demand system, all the backend, the thousand

John Ferlite

  • (Copy of my 2014 nomination) John was the president of Linux Australia from June 2010 until 2012 inclusive. He was a tireless volunteer for LA, at times spending part-time job levels of hours on LA. His major contributions include (with Josh Hesketh, not eligible this year) making it much easier for LUGs and events like PyCon AU to run und

John Ferlito

  • John Ferlito was a great president of Linux Australia. He's worked to improve business ability to use open source by working with the ATO to make sure AusKey was compatible with Linux based systems. He's committed to the use of Open Source tools in the businesses he runs, and committed to supporting the communities that make open source s

Jonathan Oxer

  • three time prez of LCA great presenter at LCA does cool tech stuff other...

Lana Brindley

  • Lana created Geek Girl Dinners Canberra from nothing but some napkins and a placemat in 2009. Since then, she's gone on to organise the Haecksen miniconf at LCA for several years, as well as being a OWOOT and LinuxChix core team member. Without Lana, a large chunk of the support structure for Australian Women in Technology wouldn't be arou

Michael Daviea

  • Michael Davies deserves the Wrench for many reasons; Despite running the last of the "small" LCA conferences, he returns, year after year, mentoring each years conference team, giving his time and knowledge freely, guiding and suggesting where it's needed, but knowing when to back off and let the organisers create a conference of their own

Paul Wayper

  • Paul Wayper deserves the Rusty Wrench for his tireless work with Canberra Linux Users Group. It's Paul, not Steve Walsh, who runs CLUG, and runs it well. He's built CLUG into something that any new user can feel welcome at, with round tables and discussion nights on a variety of topics to ensure that everyone walks away from a meeting havi

Peter Lieverdink

  • Peter exemplifies everything that the Rusty Wrench is about. He spent many years on both the Admin and Webteam, as well as several years on Council, never complaining or moaning once, but just getting on and getting the job done. He not only contributes to both Debian and Ubuntu linux projects, he is also a core contributor to Puppet, mari

Peter Miller

  • Peter Miller's contributions to Free and Open Source Software goes back the the late 1980s. Peter was significant contributor to GNU gettext as well as being the main upstream author and maintainer of other projects that ship as part of Debian, including, but not limited to srecord, aegis and cook. Peter was also the author of the seminal

Richard Jones

  • (Copy of my 2014 nomination.) Richard Jones has repeatedly been a core volunteer for the OSDC conference, especially when it's been in Melbourne. He has chaired the program committee at least once (2008) and probably other times. In addition, he was the founder or co-founder of the separate PyCon AU conference, which is now I think actuall

Steve Walsh

  • Third time's a charm. From Steve's previous nominations in 2012 and 2014: --------------------- Steve has been an integral part of the Linux Australia community for many years now. Thanks to his work, the linux.conf.au domain has been grandfathered, making it available for the conference for many years to come and I'd go so far as to
  • Steve has worked tirelessly to support Linux Australia for many years. From saving the network team from disaster at many LCAs (often with no reward but complaints), to being the guy who who just gets things done on the admin team the whole year around, to working on the LCA papers committee - Steve is the guy. He comes the week before L
  • Steve is the single-handed Admin, Mirror and LCA Networking Team rolled into one package of awesome. So much happens behind the scenes with LA and with linux.conf.au that would simply not happen without Steve's dedication, commitment of time, effort and expertise.