WordCamp Melbourne 2013

Sorry for the delays in getting in this report, WordCamp got swamped under all the Christmas and holiday season's festivities, but we're back on track now and getting into the swing of things.

To date, we have secured the venue, we're waiting on their invoice so we can pay them their deposit, thanks for the advance to help us do that, I feel awkward we haven't spent it yet. I'll be chasing down the venue team and getting them onto that this week.

We're seeing a good crop of speaker applications coming in and we'll be starting to approve some of those in the next few days.

We've secured a gold sponsor and have a couple of applications on the books for silver so we're feeling positive about that.

There is already 5 community sponsors on the books which is awesome, it's great to see people so committed to what we're doing putting their money where their mouth is. We've also had 8 ticket sales and that without a whole lot of fanfare so far.

Once again we're grateful for Linux's support

Lead Organiser
WordCamp Melbourne

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