WordCamp Melbourne 2013

Gosh, it really doesn't seem that long since the last report, but things are kicking along nicely for WordCamp Melbourne.

We're grateful for the advance from LA in the amount of $5000 to help pay our up front costs for venue hire. In a stunning display of holiday mode on behalf of RMIT (venue) we haven't actually been invoiced, so if you want to return that money to PyCon we won't be offended. We have been promised an invoice for next week... we'll see how that goes, as it is we'll have the cash in hand, because we're ahead of the game on sponsorship!

To date we have 2 Gold Sponsors, one being Melbourne IT under the banner of Web Central, the other being Code Poet, part of the WordPress Foundation.
We have 1 paid up silver sponsors, Site5, a hosting company, and two in the works we'll announce as their invoices are paid.
We also have 4 confirmed bronze sponsors, Eleven Media, Vroom Vroom Vroom, Dejan SEO, Run Pixel Run, in this category there are also others in the works and we'll announce those as they are paid up.

We have 8 Community sponsors confirmed as well, and 38 ticket sales a total of 48 paid tickets

We have approved 10 of the 20 speaker slots and will be closing speaking applications on Feb 15th.

All in all, good progress this month!

Thanks again for your support.


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