WordCamp Melbourne 2013

Well, we're a month out from the event and we're looking pretty good.

We have to date had 132 registrations
Our sponsorship roster is basically full and totals $19,800
We're well on target to make a profit, as at this stage we're expecting significant sales in the last 4 weeks, if previous events are anything to go by.

Our speakers list and program has been finalised and can be viewed on the website here <a href="http://2013.melbourne.wordcamp.org">http://2013.melbourne.wordcamp.org</a>.

Things still to do are finalize printing of shirts for speakers/community supporters.
Catering, particularly coffee (it's Melbourne, this is apparently, vital).

We're doing a walk through of the venue early tomorrow morning and should have a much better picture of how the venue is going to shape up now we have our schedule organized.

So all in all, I think we're on target!


For subcommittee: